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Newt Gingrich

November 28, 2011

My older daughter and I were at a shopping center yesterday where a bookstore there was hosting Newt for book signings. We were carrying signs within an Occupy group which were at least uncomplimentary to him, and were informed that we would be arrested if we stayed on their property. We 14 sign wavers were relegated to the sidewalk of a public street at a junction of the street leading into the shopping center. Newt has made claims that he offered historical advice to Freddie Mac for 1.6 million dollars, and of course everyone knows that he was a draft dodger during the Viet Nam War, so I, a WWII vet, made up and waved a sign which read: WWII vet. Will give war advice for bribes. Underneath was an asterik which read: <30 K/hr. My daughter’s sign alluded to the $300,000 he was fined by the House Ethics Committee as he became the first Speaker in history of which I am aware to resign under an ethics charge. He resigned in order to short circuit the House hearing which would have unmasked his unethical conduct and has been in Washington ever since to sell his personal influence to the highest bidders (doing an end around K Street’s lobbyists).

Most of the passing motorists who reacted to our sign waving honked and gave us thumbs up signs. Some employed another digit. Since it is in a heavily republican area, we were heartened by this raw statistic, considering the setting.

We were interviewed by a reporter from the local newspaper and were able to have our views quoted in a trailer to the Newt story reported in today’s paper. I am told that Newt saw my sign as he rounded the corner in an SUV to the shopping center. That may be accurate, because  he thereafter assumed a defensive posture in a press conference, asserting that “He had served his country by his long years spent in the House.” If that is service, then he received a dishonorable discharge. How else to explain a $300,000 fine levied against him for unethical conduct? How else to explain his resignation not only from his position as Speaker but from the House itself, leaving the district that elected him without representation? Is that his idea of “service?” Probably. He is an incredibly arrogant and selfish human being whose election to the presidency would be a total disaster. Gerald E.

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  1. I’m quite proud of you and Dee taking this bastard on, very please to see that he MUST have seen your sign, otherwise why would he have been so defensive on the subject of “serving” America? Apparently his version of “serving” America is akin to that Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man” where the Aliens were discovered with what was apparently a Cook Book while loading humans onto their spaceship ostensibly to take them to their planet.

    Ya ROCK, Uncle G (and Dee)! (btw, I used the function buttons on this blog to post this writing on FaceBook – Just push the button and everyone on my Facebook page can head over to your blog and read all you’ve written. Going to post on Twitter next, where I have a decent following, just spreading the word. It’s how you go “viral” which is what you want)

    Keep it Coming!

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