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July 30, 2012


One of the purposes of putting out “red herrings” is to distract and divert the attention of the listeners to channels you want them distracted and diverted to, and away from channels you wish them to ignore. It is a form of control and is an old trick, so old it can be biblically referenced. It was used by Senator McCarthy in his now infamous hearings where eleven out of ten people in the State Department of that day were “dedicated communists,” Pinks, Reds et al. It is used in attempts to control the flow of evidence in trial courts, at the office, around the kitchen table. In short, it is a commonplace tactic, so commonplace that it is almost automatically summoned for use either when you wish to apply the heat or get out of it in situations where you are uncomfortable or (for your own purposes) want somebody else to be uncomfortable. Its use serves a dual purpose: You (1) seize the initiative, and (2) take it away from your target. You may well gain the upper hand in a controversy as a result of its successful use.

Attacking the messenger is a frequent deployment of this tactic. It is not Romney’s fault; it is the fault of his “campaign committee.” It was not the Board of Director’s fault; it was a “company decision.” This neatly substitutes culpability of one for another and draws a fault line between “Romney” and his “campaign committee” and between “the board” and “the company” which does not and never existed. “Companies” don’t make decisions; people do, and various boards of directors are the ones charged with making corporate decisions.

“Romney” and his “campaign committee” and “boards of directors” and “company decisions” are indistinguishable. To attempt to otherwise define them is a journey in fantasy. If mistakes are made, it is rarely the fault of the messenger. It is the fault of those charged with the primary responsibility for making such decisions. Thus, stripped of pretense and attempts to muddy the waters, it is Romney’s and the board’s fault. It is HIS campaign and THEIR corporations to run and control.

Parenthetically, consider the alternative. If politicians and corporate directors can be absolved of all responsibility and liability for what their “campaign” or “company” did, where are we? The words “campaign” and “company” are abstractions, so it appears NO ONE is responsible – an illogical turn of events but one wished for by those who wish to control the controversy. It is, of course, fantasy, and I reject it. We still live in a cause and effect world – SOMEONE is responsible. . . . . .

One of the biggest fantasies going these days is the red herring fantasy that all these dirty socialist Democrats are plotting a “redistribution of the wealth.” This fantasy is plainly a planted program by the rich and corporate class to seize the initiative along the lines above described, and, speaking of plots – take a look – THEY are the plotters! The rest of us are mere onlookers trying to survive as this continuing economic rape proceeds apace while the criminals among us try to divert our attention to the victims (us) as the bad (or soon to be – bad) guys. The fact is that we Democrats are interested in DISTRIBUTION of the wealth; it is the republicans and their rich and corporate class patrons who are so obsessively set on “REDISTRIBUTION” of the wealth. We have failed and they have succeeded and are still succeeding in achieving their apparent purpose, i.e., to totally take over this country and the people in it in every way, shape and form. Evidence?

Household median wages have fallen for the last several years running; cash in corporate coffers is at an all time high, in the trillions. Banks rate bailouts when they plunder the world economy with the sale of funny paper undergirded with shaky or non-existent collateral and nobody goes to jail; Joe Smith steals a social security check for 900 dollars from the mail box and gets 5 years. Romney makes 21.7 million in “Business Income” and pays income tax at a rate of 13.7 per cent; the people who clean his home(s) and office(s) are subject to a rate more than twice that. American-based multinationals can stall repatriation of their overseas profits to this country in the Cayman Islands or elsewhere well beyond reporting time (if that even exists) until they can negotiate a better rate of taxation with the IRS; if you and I try that (or are even late), we pay penalty and interest, or perhaps even go to jail. I could go on and on with examples of how the rich and corporate class are victimizing the poor and middle class and how such efforts are depressing aggregate demand in our economy, but such chicanery in the internal revenue code should not be surprising since it is the rich and corporate class (via their K Street lobbyists) who (for all intents and purposes) wrote (and continue to write) the internal revenue code.

It is not easy to know of these travesties and remain quiet when you know that such policies are continuing to drain the sparse coffers of the poor and middle class and empty them into the coffers of the rich and corporate class and their friends at the big Wall Street banks.That process can fairly be described as “The Redistribution of the Wealth,” but from the poor and middle class to the rich and corporate class. Dirty socialist Democrats, other than being foils, have nothing to do with it. It is a figment of the imagination of a PR person put to use for the rich and corporate class to control the political and economic environment so that the current larceny (in broad daylight!) can continue, and, so far, it’s working. We voters keep saying yes to our own demise! Why? Philosophy? Get real! How much bread does that put on your table?

 Speaking of “a redistribution of the wealth” is a bit late for many reasons, but the best one is that IT HAS ALREADY BEEN REDISTRIBUTED! The rich and corporate class (along with their financial sector handmaidens) have already effectively “redistributed the wealth;” the rest of us are waiting for Godoy, hoping a few crumbs drop off the emperor’s table.

I am tired of waiting. I propose we have a serious discussion with “the emperor” this November about lopsided statutes, lack of rules and regulations etc. etc. etc. I invite you to join me because if what is going on now is to continue in the future, I think social cohesion (the reason to even have a country) is at risk, and if that should come to pass, EVERYTHING is up for grabs. I am not comfortable with the potential for drastic change inherent in such a situation.

Let’s avoid that alternative. Let’s say no to greed and adopt programs which fairly and equitably “distribute” the wealth. There are vehicles available to effect this distribution and there’s enough for everybody – and then some – so let’s get on with it.  GERALD  E

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