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September 10, 2013


(1) Congress returned yesterday from a 5-week vacation to resume it duties. Duties in the House are two-fold: (a) You vote to repeal Obamacare daily, and (2) you find a microphone (network or shout radio or cable TV) and go partisan sniping. That is all many House members do. For this, each member gets 200 grand a year in salary plus expenses and perks one can only imagine. Some of these lazy partisan jerks even insist that they be addressed as “Honorable.” I have another address for these welfare recipients but it is unprintable and beneath what’s left of my dignity.

The five-week vacation is just one of many, not to mention “recesses” and trips here and there to personally view situations (forest fires, Iraq etc.) which supposedly help them decide on pending legislation. Upon their return from such photo-ops (embracing firefighters and troops), they promptly ignore pending legislation in favor of shoutouts about how unions are terrorizing the country and Wall Street is headed for the poorhouse. Only more tax breaks for hedge fund managers can save us!

I find it particularly disgusting that the House Republican majority is NOT the majority. In overall terms, Democrats garnered far more votes than Republicans did in the last House election. So how come Republicans are running the House and sputtering about “the will of the people?” It was not the will of the people that put Republicans in charge of the House; it was Republican gerrymandering at the state level that put them in power. Many Republican members are sitting where they are not because of anybody’s “will” other than the folks back home who redesigned congressional districts in 2010 to the party’s advantage. Truth be told, Republicans are in a minority in both the House and Senate as measured by the vote (and thus the will) of the people. The House should be considering legislation to tighten up the gerrymandering process so that results of elections more nearly and honestly reflect “the will of the people,” but since many are there as a result of blatant gerrymandering, don’t wait up.

(2) TV news this morning reports that Super Bowl suites this year are going for a record $473,000. I daresay that there will be more Wall Street and hedge fund applicants for those suites than second-shift employees at the 7-11, and knowing these banksters and vultures, I would further speculate that they will pay for such suites with leveraged funds. Why spend your own money when you can borrow it, and take the interest as a deduction for the 7-11 employees to pay via their taxes? Fair’s fair! After all, those 47% takers have to have some responsibility in their lives, and they can start by sharing my Super Bowl expenses. I am the job creator in this economy, you know. I have created millions of Chinese jobs.

(3) TV news this morning also reports that the cost of firefighting in Yosemite National Park exceeds $100 million to date! Presumably that money will have to come out of the Interior Department’s budget, which means we are talking tax money. Hedge and equity funds with their so-called “carried interest” rate pay a maximum tax of 15% (after interest deductions for acquisition and other transactions by such vulture funds within their corporate prey). You and I as individuals are subject to rates twice that or more, and sans interest deduction (other than mortgage). All else being equal, you and I are paying more than twice as much for the Yosemite debacle as Wall Street tycoons (who are otherwise busy dismembering faltering corporations and attending Super Bowls – oh, and creating jobs).

It could be worse – GE paid no taxes and got a $3 billion refund in 2010. Next atrocity, please. GERALD  E


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