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November 16, 2013


It is time for a trip to the confessional box. I was never really for Obamacare as the final word on health care in this country. I was and am for single payer coverage on the French model, which is widely acknowledged to be the best healthcare system in the world, and which costs approximately one-half of what we are currently paying for a greatly inferior system more attuned to executive bonuses than treatment of real people, whether the disease or condition is new or pre-existing.

I knew when we incorporated all the Romneycare language into the act which pandered to insurance companies that we had let foxes into the henhouse, and that along with slash and burners in the Republican Party to do their axe job on any health care proposal, there would be problems galore. The current headlines having to do with problems in the website are problems, to be sure, but they have nothing to do with the provisions of the act itself. It is a joke to consider present Republican “outrage” over website problems as anything substantive; it is plainly political posturing.

Republicans apparently like the present system; government should not stand in the way of private enterprise’s making money on the backs of dying Americans who cannot afford to participate in $2,000.00 a month plans, or other millions who cannot get insurance coverage at any cost because of pre-existing conditions. The old “let the market decide” criterion may have some validity when dealing with supply and demand involved with widgets, but we are talking life and death and suffering of millions of Americans here, not barrels of oil or Chinese toys. Old free market slogans have no application to the monopoly world of medicine and its insurers.

Millions of Americans are sick and suffering and dying and we have the power to do something about it, and are not. We were quick to respond to the death and destruction of 9-11, but we seem incapable of acting even when more people are dying every day for lack of health insurance coverage than those killed on 9-11. When does our decision to do nothing morph from political action (or inaction) to the realm of immorality? Must we first check with our special interests and the state of the Dow before doing the right thing for America and its people? Are we THAT greedy? Who are we?

I am for Obamacare only because it is better than nothing with its inclusiveness and I think of it as a way stop on the road to single payer, which is the system used by the rest of the industrialized world. Healthcare insurance corporations are unnecessary, parasitic, and hand out premium dollars paid for unnecessary costs, bonuses to executives etc. Those are premium dollars paid out on the order of 25% to 30% of total premiums collected that are desperately needed to pay for delivered health care to real people, people who may be in real trouble, people who may be at death’s door, poor and dying.

Are we (per Lincoln) a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” or have we become just a cover for the rich to become richer and trample on the rest of us, even to the point of suffering and death? Am I overstating the proposition? I think not. Look at the record. The rich have been consistently opposed to anything good for the rest of us unless there is a buck in it for them.

Let’s straighten out our digital problems, put Obamacare in place, and then elect enough adults to the Congress to repeal Obamacare in favor of single payer coverage, or at least Medicare For All.  GERALD  E


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