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November 25, 2013


I have an old friend and elementary and high school classmate who is now a retired PHD in New Mexico and who recently emailed me to the effect that they were having their “first snow of the season” out there along with pictures of its accumulation in his front yard and a look at surrounding mountains. He is aware that our local congressman here in Southwest Florida is in rehab for booze and cocaine and informed me that he (my retired friend) was lucky; that his “snow” will go away but that mine will not, further informing me that his “snuffers” are better than mine. He is right; his snow is a natural event sweeping down from the mountains to where he lives perched high above the Rio Grande Valley, whereas ours (snow is a street name synonym for cocaine) is an unnatural snowstorm event voluntarily snuffed up the nose of Trey Radel, our addicted congressman.

I have been reading up on Radel’s past since the horrifying news last week of his arrest and conviction for a cocaine buy in the Federal District, and am not shocked to hear that as a younger footloose man he spent years in Columbia, which just happens to be the cocaine capital of the world, and the same venue he has since confided to an associate to be his favorite vacation spot in the world. His conversation with this associate also included commentary to the effect that the cocaine they had in Columbia was “the real stuff, not like the stuff you get here.” From that we can infer that our stateside snow is inferior and that Radel is an authority, having sampled both, and that the bust in D.C. was hardly his first buy.

We can also reasonably infer that he has been a drug addict for 15 years or more and that he has very skillfully hidden that from employers, girl friends, political associates and others with whom he has had contact since landing in Southwest Florida. His statement that he has been fighting his drug problems for years is probably true; our problem is that he has involved you and me in his personal problems via considerable subterfuge which, for our purposes, is less forgivable than his snow snuffing habits.

If a candidate wants to be a drug addict, or even if he or she cannot help it, they still have a responsibility to you and me to let us know who or what we are voting for (or against). He failed that responsibility. He did not directly lie to us but he did abdicate a positive responsibility to tell us the truth about what he had to offer and any shortcomings that could affect his ability to perform.

However you may feel one way or the other with the foregoing analysis, we are where we are. His criminal conduct is history. What are we going to do about it? He could not represent us fairly even if he never had another snuff or drink. He is irrevocably damaged goods in both parties. Far from sponsoring or co-sponsoring any legislation, his House cohorts in either party will not even want to be seen talking to him, must less help move their legislative agendas along. He cannot represent our interests; he has committed political suicide. He is friendless and you and I are without representation in the House.

So now what? He has to be removed. He won’t go voluntarily, loath to give up power. Boehner as Speaker has said that he will not refer this matter to the House Ethics Committee (the only group I know of that can involuntarily remove Radel from power), so what are we the unrepresented supposed to do?

We the people of the 19th Congressional District have a right to have our interests represented, and the Speaker has no right not to see that we are represented. My advice? Let’s pressure Boehner.  GERALD  E


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