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November 30, 2013



Boehner cannot control the tea party faction in the House and is so afraid of them that he will not even refer the case of a convicted drug addict to the House Ethics Committee for possible expulsion for fear of further friction with the tea party element of his party. He has clearly lost control of his caucus and doesn’t know how to handle this situation within his own party. He is politically paralyzed for fear of further division within the ranks and is increasingly ineffective in his Speaker’s role.

One of the results of his inability to present a solid front to looming and total control of government by Democrats is what happened in the Senate last week. We now have limited filibuster control. I think Democratic leadership senses that Republicans are coming apart, have no discipline within their caucus, and are fragmenting rapidly as tea party Republicans refuse to compromise even with their fellow Republicans, much less Democrats. Apparently business and Eisenhower Republicans have decided not to excise the political cancer gnawing at their party’s viability in the hope that the tsunami will go away. It will not go away, and by their failure to act the cancer will be encouraged to further expand and destroy the party. The political oblivion of Whigdom awaits. Even a Rolls Royce without a steering wheel is worthless.

Those on Cruz Control are on a holy mission, and their crusade’s aims and objectives rest on such divine grounds that compromise with any party is unthinkable and an abdication of their responsibility to save the world with their thinly disguised libertarian rant and Gilded Age economics. Under the pretense that they are offering something new with their talk of “freedom” and “let the market decide” free of regulation, they are actually offering something old with a mixture of wild-west economics and any semblance of control – the very stuff anti-trust laws were designed to remedy. Adoption of their views (insofar as one may discern just what they are) would hasten the day of the demise of democracy and the accelerated rise of corporate dictatorship. Far from freedom, the tea party Republicans would give us Big Brother – in person – as it destroys democracy and greases the skids for takeover by the few, the direct antithesis of Lincoln’s vision of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

I for one have no wish to go back to John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, the railroad thefts and monopoly -predatory pricing of post-Civil War days stretching into the 20th century under the guise of “freedom” and “democracy.” As in 1984, one may ignore such propaganda and understand that libertarians actually want freedom for the narrow few and enslavement of the many so as not to obstruct the few’s efforts to corral and control the economy’s fruits while (as in 1984) the rest of us labor as “proles.”

This tea party vision of “democracy” for America does not comport with the vision held by Lincoln – or by me – and I would hope, by most Republicans. Our democracy was earned by blood, sweat and tears, and is far too precious to be for sale to anybody at any price, especially to charlatans.  GERALD  E

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