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December 17, 2013


My followers have been burdened with as many as a dozen of my offerings in  the past in which I have urged the Republican party to either excise the tea party cancer from its midst or fade into the obscurity of Whigdom. I am not a Republican but I believe that a two-party system is good for democracy and America. I have repeatedly stated that if the Republicans do not remove the tea party from their midst, then Democrats will monopolize national politics for the foreseeable future.

Some now contend that I have it reversed; that the tea party is predominant in the Republican party and that it is the establishment/business type Republicans who must either conform to tea party views or themselves be excised. I do not believe that; I think such claims amount to extreme right wing braggadocio and propaganda of hope rather than fact. I think that mainstream Republicans are still in charge of their party but that many of them are terrified of tea party entrances into Republican primaries next year because, among other reasons, even if the tea party candidates fail by and large to unseat mainstream Republican candidates, the public brawls for nomination will ensure that Democrats win in the fall irrespective of Republican gerrymandering in 2010. They are right; that is precisely what will happen. The “Party of Lincoln” should listen to its greatest martyr (when though in a different context) he famously noted that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” He was and is right.

The future is plain to see if Republicans do not rid themselves of these extremists, and they should remove such people both from office and positions of power within the party yesterday. Mainline Republicans should reverse the current terror tactics of their tea party component by running mainline candidates against tea party representatives and senators now in office. Ultimately there is going to have to be a political blood-letting involved between these two factions of the Republican party unless party adults can, perhaps miraculously, negotiate a peace treaty between mainline Republicans and this very energized and loud-mouthed group of libertarians posing as Republicans. Barring such a political treaty, as it were, the internal war may as well begin. It may take a couple of electoral cycles for the party to regain its balance, but that’s better than the next 50 years out of office.

The good news is that Speaker Boehner has publicly castigated the tea party component within his party just a day or two ago. He openly stated that these tea party people were against the agreement negotiated between House and Senate committees on the budget bill before they even knew what was in it. That should come as no surprise to anyone. These people rarely take political positions based on the facts; their minds have long been made up to serve their robotized ideological bent.

The tea party is not a party; it has no platform; it has no organizational framework; there is substantial disagreement within its ranks. It is a disparate group of libertarian near-anarchists pretending to be Republicans. Cruz and Paul are not Republicans; they are libertarians dedicated to taking over a ready-made political structure in order to have a cover for their 1880 frontier/wild-west views of freedom.

Perhaps the Speaker’s open rejection of tea party ideology over factual consideration of such important legislation as our two-year budget is the beginning of a counter-revolution to begin the painful job of removing tea party yahoos from his party. I hope so, and I don’t really think Republicans have a choice because the longer they wait, the more difficult the task. So let the surgery begin – or else.  GERALD  E


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