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February 24, 2014

In the course of my blogging, I have become acquainted with many new and interesting people. One of them (expect redacting in this post) is a published author and former CIA spook. Now retired, and knowing what he knows (and I don’t), he has become interested in the peace protest movement. Many in this country, such as neocons and greedy defense industrialists, are on the contrary apparently interested in war (or its constant threat) since such a worldview comports well with profit-making and fits comfortably under the cover of flag and country.
Numbered among such champions of force and violence are former UN Ambassador John Bolton and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose sole solution for any disagreement is to go out in the alley and have it out. Such people as these give mere nationalism a bad name as they thoughtlessly slander would be peace makers as Chamberlains at Munich, appeasers and cowards, afraid to stand up for their country. They do not seem to understand or even want to understand that negotiation is not appeasement and that people like the American spy mentioned above are more patriotic than the two of them put together. My friendly spook is the genuine article, not a loudmouthed showoff like Bolton and Netanyahu. My spy has literally given his life for his country – quietly – unlike the raving and threatening neocon narcissists Bolton and Netanyahu, who never saw a TV mike they didn’t like. These Machiavellian types apparently agree with the Renaissance man’s observation that “peace is the mere interlude between wars” and would take it a step further, as in “why have interludes?”
Against this background, I received an email from my spy friend that pleaded with me to tell him how we can still be said to live in a democracy when nuns in a show of conscience go to jail for carrying signs, trespassing, and smearing human blood on some of our atomic facilities at Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
That was a difficult question to answer, and a very important one as well, since the answer or lack of a suitable answer could contain the seeds for civil commotion and an end of social cohesion in this country, a portentous outcome to say the least, since in the end this country is not worth saving if its people have no democracy. We, after all, are not patriotic because of geography or the money-grubbing goals of Wall Street or wild-eyed neocons with their “war good – peace bad” fixed mentalities, we are patriotic because we believe in America and will fight for our country and its people and the democratic principles that bind us together with common goals; goals such as safe environments to raise our children free from fear that we will be roughed up by anyone from without or within our country.
The establishment has done a good job in convincing us that those who take our precious democracy away are from afar (Iran, Russia, al Queda et al.), but neglect to tell us of the drip-drip-drip removal of our democracy from within via congressional enactment, state right to work laws, Wall Street thievery etc. It matters not who is taking our democracy, whether in Washington or Tehran. They must be resisted and caused to account for such wrongdoing since, as I often  blog, democracy is one of the last few things left worth dying for, and all terrorism is not of an explosive variety. Without democracy and its ties that bind us, America will have lost its reason for continued existence. It therefore seems clear to me that we should stand together to strengthen our democracy rather than allow it to fade away.
Part II (as redacted) contains my answer to my spooky friend’s question. Stay tuned. GERALD E


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