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November 4, 2014


By “all through the House,” I allude to the Republican House of Representatives, who have a historically low favorable rating of 12.4 per cent, the lowest since the question was first asked in the midterm of 1974. The Republican House is not even liked by Republicans, which may help account for what I would call its “coefficient of detestation.” They do not deserve either election or reelection, as will be shown.

Republicans have good reason to detest their own representatives’ record over this last two-year session. The House came forth with the least legislation of any Congress ever (other than the ritual and meaningless bills they passed to repeal Obamacare which cluttered up the Congressional Record but gave their clerks and interns something to do). Since they passed virtually no substantive legislation on behalf of the people but spent the bulk of their time on Fox News defaming Democrats and defending in sum the right of the superrich to get richer, one can reasonably guess that their clerks and interns had a hard time staying awake during their sessions (which were few and of short duration since Republicans in the House, whose Speaker held the gavel and set the agenda, were usually not in session).

Contrary to their campaign chatter, they were not “about the peoples’ business;” they were about their own (aka reelection). They were sent to Washington to represent the people but left town not long after their arrival, and only reappeared largely from time to time to make speeches about how hard they were working to save America from those “socialist” Democrats who dared talk of wage inequality, minimum wage increases and other such programs designed to reduce corporate bottom lines, executive bonuses and dividends payable to hard-working corporate shareholders and their fellow rentiers. How dare the 47 per cent whose median wages are falling want an increased minimum wage!

Since any member of Congress who favored a more equitable sharing of new wealth with workers who helped produce it must be a socialist, or worse, Republican (and libertarian) austerity economics was essential as policy because “we must pay our bills” even if Social Security and other such programs are reduced in order for us to do so. (Where were these tightwads with the public purse when Bush was running two wars on credit cards to the tune of trillions of dollars? Can it be that “we must pay our bills” is the austerity mantra reserved only for periods in which a Democrat is in the White House? Would House policymakers stoop so low as to sublimate policy for ward heeler politics and neocon war hawking while not only irresponsibly failing to raise taxes during a war but for the first time in history REDUCING TAXES during wartime – cuts for those poor mistreated denizens on Wall Street, of course.

The Republican members of this House richly deserve their historically lowest favorable rating of 12.4 per cent, and one can only wonder why it is that high in view of their miserable lack of productivity on behalf of the American people. They have spent two years of precious legislative time doing nothing other than obfuscating and resisting every constructive proposition put forth by Democrats, propositions that if enacted would have been to the benefit of the great mass of the American people rather than the few who pay in to Republican campaign larders. One has to wonder whose side these Republicans are on because their record is clearly pro-corporate and anti-people any way you slice it.

If I hired someone to work in my shop and they showed up and refused to work, I would, of course, fire them. I therefore recommend that we fire all House Republicans tomorrow. They won’t work. GERALD E


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