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November 5, 2014


Yesterday’s monetized adventure in democracy was not an election; it was a bargain and sale transaction in which the superrich, aided by those who gave dark money, decided who would be best fitted to keep the corporate welfare trough running at high speed. Unsurprisingly, they chose Republicans. After all, Democrats have these silly ideas about minimum wages, an end to voter suppression and bankers’ felonies and other such damaging notions in conflict with the status quo as empowering women, the poor and minorities in and out of the workplace etc. Can’t have that nonsense!

Allegorically speaking, I am a survivor of last night’s political Hiroshima, and got a good look at the plane dropping the bomb. On its wings it had an inscription reading “Citizens United” and I recognized the pilot and co-pilot to be the Koch Bros. I also identified McConnell as the bombardier and Rick Scott as the navigator. Some guy named Rove passed out cigars on their run back over the bombing site to survey their handiwork as all were exchanging high fives to celebrate their successful mission and the welfare goodies they would collect on their respective investments via their new thankful recipients.

We are told by the after-sale pundits that the people were angry because of their perception that Obama turned out to be inept and got nothing done. It was a masterful framing job by Republicans who in their zeal to trash Obama forgot to add that this last House has the worst legislative record ever and that it was not because Obama was inept; it was because the House just said no to everything and couldn’t even take yes for an answer. If they want to see who was inept and who preferred fighting to governing (aka doing the people’s business), House Republicans & their flacks should look in the mirror.

It is they who brought government to a standstill and then made political capital out of the result. The real result? The people suffered, and are now on track to suffer more, both those who went to the polls to vote their own interests as well as those who did not. The people were bamboozled out of their vote by big money propaganda and will now pay the price with yet more do-nothing legislative conduct leading up to the sale (aka “election”) of 2016.

Gridlock will likely persist for two more agonizing years of wage cuts (chronically unadjusted for inflation), attempts to privatize public programs, economic abuse of women etc. etc. etc. Democrats will have to become the “party of no” via filibuster and veto in order to save what is left of our money-pocked democracy, which is nobler in purpose than recent Republican negativity so plainly designed to further enrich the already rich and further impoverish the poor and newly poor who have fallen out of the middle class into poverty due to wage inequality. We have to hope that the 2016 “sale” will have a different result as our democracy itself may be at stake.

It was the House that was deliberately inept and dilatory in its successful attempt to set up the “sale,” and it worked. Having ruined Obama’s legacy with their propaganda, they can now turn their attention to the further destruction of our country and its already weakened democracy by continuing to plunder the nation’s treasury while propagandizing the rest of us about the great merits of “free enterprise” and military service to “protect our precious democracy.” What democratic rights are they talking about, the right to be plundered, the right to die in protecting their property, much if not most of which can be said to be purloined when policy dictates that money should make more money and sweat and labor money should be reduced in order to accommodate such policy? That is fair policy? If so, how so?

In view of the Hiroshima political debacle of last night, it is time to wax philosophical and succinctly discuss what was and is really at stake in that soon to be felt catastrophic experience. We have to recognize that there is going to be no end to corporate propaganda, so what are we to do? Here’s what: Stand up, brush off, bind our wounds and fight for our people and our democracy against all comers foreign or domestic.

Our democracy was purchased by the blood of patriots, and I, for one, will never voluntarily give it up to the likes of moneychangers or anyone else, rich or poor, Democrats or Republicans. We are, after all, Americans before we were Democrats and Republicans. Democracy is our most valuable asset as a nation, and should be defended (as it was) against fascists and what are essentially corporate thugs who in their greed would destroy all we the people really have – our rights as citizens in a democratic society. If we must, we the people can somehow withstand the current impoverishment our politicians have designed for us, but we cannot give up our democracy in the name of profit for the few or for anything else. That is where the line must be drawn if we are to be a free people since, without it, we are mere vassals of a new feudalist state, brainwashed, overworked and under-compensated.

If, as it increasingly appears, this country has descended into a mere piece of geography bound together by only dollars and market sanctity rather than with a vision of a free people living in a democracy, then I am not interested. That is not an adequate philosophy to keep free people together, and I fail to see any good reason to even have a country if that is to be its sole criterion for existence. I see no virtue in maintenance of a bullying corporate state, and as my followers know, am opposed to politicians of any party who advocate policies that give the corporate state further dominion over the people in clear contravention of the democratic rights of “We the People” as enshrined in our Constitution. (End of “succinct” philosophy statement.)

“Elections” sometimes settle public concerns for a while, but yesterday’s “sales job” can and will (and in spite of all the money and propaganda) be reversed in two years as we will have found out by then that we didn’t get what we bargained for, so let’s get on with our task of returning the merchandise two years from now – today.   GERALD   E


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