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January 1, 2015


Many make New Year’s resolutions on this day to lose weight, work harder, save more, be kinder to their neighbors etc. in an attempt to stay healthy, prosper, and be a better and more caring citizen. These and other such resolutions are good for those making them and those who will benefit from their being carried out – if they are – or even if they aren’t (in that it was a nice thought). . . .

Basically, those made for the benefit of their fellow citizens reflect a sense of one’s place in a society as well as a recognition of the wants and needs of the greater society and what one as an individual can do (or not do) to facilitate a caring and sharing societal structure in which all are given the opportunity to advance their skills, raise and educate their children etc., and whatever an individual may or may not do to further a peaceful and prosperous society of fellow human beings. It has to do with “we’re all in this together” and “you are your brother’s keeper” mantras, mantras that have been ignored for far too long among the greedy and the avaricious of the few among us, whose greedy mantras  when followed  are themselves self-destructive (contrary to rich and corporate propaganda ladled out to quiet those ready to pick up their pitchforks since the political process has apparently been bought and paid for and is therefore unavailable as a means for effecting real change). How do I know about self-destruction? Piketty said so, and has three centuries of research to back up his conclusions.

On this day, I am personally resolving to sharpen my writing to focus on this mantra-driven rich and corporate class which (as Piketty writes) will ultimately self-destruct with their oblivious drive for profit at anybody’s and everybody’s expense (even ultimately their own). It is a daunting task given the maze of corporate propaganda one must traverse to speak truth to power, but one that needs all the more to command one’s efforts for that very reason. Wall Street banks, huge corporations, corrupt politicians, chronic and ongoing maldistribution of both old and new wealth, domestic and international political and trading intrigues, derivatives and other esoteric trading far beyond even the world’s annual gross economic output, underregulation of the activities of those who could bring the global economy to ruin, disgusting wage inequality in which the rich and corporate class gobbles up its workers’ marginal productivity for its own – the list is endless. I have plenty of raw material for discussion.

The immediate task is to sharpen up my writing on such topics in the hope that policy makers will take note and do something to return our societal aims to earlier mantras of fair play and “help thy neighbor” as policy, thus dealing a blow to uncontrolled greed and reinstating hope for survival as a viable and ongoing nation state where equity and fair play supplant greed of the few and we escape Third World status now coming into view. Is it too late? Not yet, but (as Piketty noted) “it must be attended to.”

It is possible that (if told the truth and if believed and acted upon) democracy (or self-rule) can end the current role of big money in buying representation of the few over the many, but recent court decisions and electoral results are not promising. Such decisions and results need confrontation, not surrender.

I resolve this new year to confront and not roll over and play dead to the forces that would destroy this country’s unity, whatever the identity of such forces may be.  My country’s future is more important than the bank account (Swiss or otherwise) of any particular sector of the economy, i.e., the part is not greater than the whole. That’s philosophy for this New Year’s Day. Tomorrow we brawl.     GERALD     E


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  1. Amen Gerry! I’m right there with ha from my little corner of the world! Blessings andPeace to you! 🙂

    • My writing has to be more fleshy and less wordy (hard to do for an old lawyer). With Republicans in charge of Congress and a Supreme Court anchored in the business excesses of circa 1885, we have our work cut out for us. This is no time to fold our tent; it is rather a time when duty requires that we confront these rich fruitcakes and their toadies. GRRR! I suppose you are up and at ’em if not involved in tryouts for the Olympics. As you probably know, Niel had a bit of a medical problem a month or so ago, but has convalesced nicely, as you will if you haven’t already. Happy New Year to you and yours and all my friends out there next to the lost province of Kansas. 80s here. Jerry

      Gerald E. Read my blog at:

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    • Gerald E. Read my blog at:

      On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 1:54 PM, elderblogger wrote:


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