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February 1, 2015


I invite the reader to read the following constitutional language and then keep it in mind while reading the stories of fact, fantasies and felonies following such recitation. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution reads in pertinent part as follows: NO STATE SHALL MAKE OR ENFORCE ANY LAW WHICH SHALL ABRIDGE THE PRIVILEGES OR IMMUNITIES OF CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES; NOR SHALL ANY STATE DEPRIVE ANY PERSON OF LIFE, LIBERTY, OR PROPERTY, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW; NOR DENY TO ANY PERSON WITHIN ITS JURISDICTION THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS.

An upscale couple living in Silver Springs, Maryland, was visited recently by the kid police from Social Services and, among other directives, was told that they stood to lose their children to foster care. The couple’s crime? They allowed their 10 and 6 year old children to walk home from school, a distance of about a mile. Someone had seen these two kids walking home, called the police, and then Social Services got into the act for some reason, perhaps to break up an otherwise dull afternoon at the office. Never mind that the school district bragged about how its policy of not providing school busses for children who lived within a mile of the school was saving so much money (in a startling display of how units of government act at cross purposes).

Nevertheless, such a heinous crime as permitting one’s children to walk home from school  would go neither unnoticed nor uncorrected by Big Brother & Sister (aka the kid police of Social Services). One is reminded of the dire consequences under sharia law of allowing unescorted females in public (or with a male who is not a relative) or allowing such feeble females to drive motor vehicles in certain jurisdictions, all of which we are told are undemocratic.

I agree that such rules are undemocratic, but how is democracy faring these days in Silver Springs, Maryland, in the good old USA? What’s next?  Are the kid police to be armed with ayatollah-approved whips to beat such miscreants, and then to the stocks with them after such floggings to await a constitutionally guaranteed “speedy trial” in about 20 years Guantanamo- style while the police rummage through their personal effects and emails armed with search warrants signed by some judge secured by phony affidavits signed under oath by a representative of Big Brother & Sister? Does the state have the power under the Constitution to “make or enforce” such Nazi- and Redcoat- like laws that so clearly infringe upon the constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights of “persons” within its jurisdiction? In short, by what right are the kid police with their threats doing in the front room of these Maryland parents if their presence there cannot be constitutionally validated?

I understand the necessity of removing children from their homes in emergency situations where they have been locked up in a clothes closet and starved, for instance, but walking home from school? How far are we going to let these over-zealous bureaucrats infringe on the shrinking rights and privileges and immunities of parents? What’s next? Are parents to be subjected to Big Brother TV sets in their homes to keep an eye on domestic proceedings such as the protagonist Smith had to endure in Orwell’s 1984 – or are we already being “watched?”

What is going on? Are we on the verge of coming up with an American version of sharia law?  We hear lots of talk about the Second Amendment these days and how everyone apparently belongs to the militia and needs guns in schools and churches and bars, but what about the Fourteenth Amendment? Let’s fantasize a moment – Perhaps we should put Big Brother & Sister in charge of the criminal division of the United States Attorney General’s office which oversees banking practices, speaking of felonies. They could, for instance, within our fantasy and under our version of sharia law, march into the office of the CEO of JP Morgan Chase Bank on Wall Street  (in Silver Springs Gestapo-style) and tell Jamie Dimon that the game is over, that he is under arrest for the bank’s admitted felony of bribing Chinese officials in return for lucrative banking contracts in clear contravention of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, flog him and take him to the stocks for a suitable period before throwing him into solitary confinement, since by then habeas corpus and other such quaint constitutional ideas as speedy trials will have yielded to Big Brother surveillance and abolition of civil rights of the taxpayers who pay their salaries, among other such atrocities adopted under the American version of sharia law (see Snowden, Guantanamo and others in our emerging American police state under cover of “national security,” an ill-defined catchall phrase whose use frequently proves  antithetical to preservation of our democracy as we wrap the flag around lawlessness rather than patriotism).

I will return from fantasy to reality in Part II in which I will suggest that we should equate modern day banking practices with those of criminal enterprises along with a brief commentary  on the worrisome outstanding world-wide market in derivatives of over the unimaginable sum of a quadrillion dollars, far in excess of the world’s aggregate GNPs and GDPs. I will suggest that  our exposure to possible liability to pay in the event of meltdown for our banking crapshooters’ losses in that unbelievably vast  and under-regulated market, the same market that crashed not all that long ago and brought on insolvent Wall Street banks, bailouts, economic malaise from which we have still not recovered, and near world-wide depression,  contains the seeds of a financial, social and political chaos the world has never before experienced. Stay tuned.    GERALD    E


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