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April 5, 2015


 I decided to post the following LTTE (not yet published if ever to be) because I think the criminal conduct of the 47 senators who signed a seditious letter to Iran is being swept under the rug due to their political status even though the Logan Act was designed to cover precisely the interference their signatures on this infamous letter to the Iranian government represents.

 Who can know how much damage such a letter did to the bargaining position our and other diplomats from several countries suffered at the negotiating table with Iran as a result? I do not take such breach of both protocol and law lightly by headline-seeking politicians, especially when such a breach concerns negotiating possible incineration of the human race.

 I am also mindful of a statement made by a former Republican Secretary of State, James Baker, who said that Congress should keep its nose out of the conduct of foreign relations because you can’t have 435 negotiators. That is a good practical reason but not the only one. It’s also illegal and unconstitutional. Jim Baker is right, and the tea party senators are wrong, criminally so. My note to the editorial page people and proposed LTTE follow.

 {Personal communication to you and not for publication: Apparently my last LTTE in re the seditious conduct of the 47 senators who signed the infamous and seditious letter to aid and abet the position of Iranian hard-liners was too incendiary for your taste to publish. Events since then have fortified my position and I submit the following LTTE for publication}.


 Tea party Senator Tom Cotton, Arkansas, elected last fall to a 6-year term to the U.S. Senate, won’t be up for reelection until 2020, and apparently figures he can get by with anything early in his term because voters will have forgotten about his political sins by then. He initiated the letter signed by 46 other senators (including Senator Rubio) to Iran urging their government not to agree with our government (and that of several other of our allies even including Russia who were involved in the negotiating process) on any  agreement because the Congress would later scrap any such agreement. Such interference with the sole right of the executive to handle foreign affairs under the Constitution and in open and arrogant disregard of the Logan Act which criminalizes such interference is plain to be seen. Senator Rubio went even further. He said that if he were president he would tear up any such agreement (in disregard of international law).To Senator Rubio: Are you also going to “tear up” our trade and military treaties as well, such as NAFTA, NATO, WTO et al? If elected, you, sir, will have been elected president with limited powers under the Constitution, not emperor-dictator.

Senator Cotton recently stated on television that homosexuals in the continuing dustup in Indiana should be thankful they don’t live in Iran because they execute homosexuals there. I here note that Iran along with many other jurisdictions also execute those who commit sedition against their own countries when aiding and abetting their enemies’ positions and that he can be thankful that violation of the Logan Act only provides for fines and three years in prison. (End of LTTE)    GERALD     E  


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