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August 10, 2015


Assuming their candidates are Republicans and not looking out first for the interests of libertarians and nihilists and CEOs and rich bullies with their respective candidacies (admittedly a stretch in assumption),  the first “Republican debate” has come and gone and was, as expected, a disaster. Predictably, they told us what they were against rather than what they were for. Their only constructive comments made at this parley of libertarians, bullies and malcontents were for their rich and corporate benefactors and, by necessary implication, views that favor continuing wage inequality for the American workforce and reduced social benefits for the poor, the accelerating evaporation of the middle class, no relief for the  unemployed and under-employed, and all in broad daylight even as the Dow is at historic highs while under-taxed and under-regulated corporations are bulging with historic troves of cash.

It’s the same old Republican sing-song of “make the rich richer and the poor poorer” sleepy politics of laissez faire though Republicans are simultaneously wide awake in protecting and extending the interests of their rich and corporate benefactors, whose campaign contribution coffers have been made totally available to them via Citizens United’s decision that “money is speech.” Since the billions that are going to be spent in the upcoming election are nothing more than thinly-disguised bribes, I have a question: Are bribes to be defined as “free speech?” Where does this end? “Bribing” used to be a criminal act. Jefferson and Madison must be spinning in their graves at how our judiciary has succumbed to misrepresentation of fact and law and contorted its decision(s) to accord with its ideological biases.

Thus if money is “speech” per the court, how about other things of value? Is a house free speech? It has value. Is your car free speech? It has value. If you are a drug dealer, is your stash of cocaine for sale free speech? It has value. Silly and inapt comparisons? How so? It is not money but what it can buy in the marketplace that awards its owners with more “free speech” than the rest of of us have.

The court has let the genie out of the bottle, and it’s anybody’s guess where this will wind up until Citizens United and its predecessors and progeny are reversed, and the sooner the better since our electoral process is now in the hands of the plutocrats who have a lot more “speech” than the rest of us. We the people are on the verge of being taken over from within under the naked guises of “freedom” and now “free speech,” something the Nazis couldn’t do from without with their U-Boats and Panzers. We need to resist this invasion from within which will end our democracy with the same ferocity we defended our democracy in WW II since a corporate 1984 is now clearly within plutocratic reach.

One of the “Republican” candidates, Donald Trump, tried to control the agenda at and after the “debate” with a defense of “political correctness” which he preferred discussing rather than substantive issues. This is not surprising since he apparently knows or cares little of substantive issues such as wage inequality, the nation’s healthcare policies, our involvement in the Syrian and ISIS dustups, an expanding China etc., all of which have no relationship to “political correctness. It was an attempt by Trump to control the agenda by manufacturing an “issue” in order to divert attention from his woeful lack of how we are to handle our role in matters both domestic and international. Money doesn’t buy experience.

His bullying and agenda-control tactics didn’t work, and his subsequent anti-hormonal attacks on one of the Fox News female moderators at the “Republican debate” for trying to rough him up with her questioning has now earned him an un-invitation to another “Republican” parley of right-wingers to be held shortly, even though he leads the poll pack. As other evidence that he is for Trump the bully first and the Republican Party somewhere down the line, he has not ruled out a run for the presidency as a third party candidate unless the party accedes to his wishes and disavows what he calls “political correctness,” an always handy diversionary tactic designed to reframe the issue to suit his agenda. Since he has now insulted and called into question the integrity of Fox News (the greatest propaganda organ  Republicans have, followed at some distance by the Wall Street Journal), he is, I think, persona non grata in organizational politics of the party and on the road (after creation of a bit more havoc) to flameout.

Whether he is for real with such a threat to start a third party or whether this is just another bullying tactic to force the party to put up with his idiocies (which he attempts to justify with arguments that those opposed to his views are partakers of “political correctness”) is an unknown only he can know. Even though a billionaire and the 133rd richest American, he would find that starting third parties is a huge task and not subject to bullying. I think it more likely that with his juvenile penchant for bullying he will (finally and shortly before flameout) threaten to endorse the Democratic nominee for president.

Whether Trump starts a third party or endorses a Democrat for the presidency, or does neither, it is clear as day to me that the “Republican Party” is a ship without a rudder and no captain who can steer such a ship (now chockfull of libertarians, nihilists and rich bullies) into friendly ports of electoral success since such a disparate group cannot hope to come up with a platform at its convention that accommodates its anti-woman, anti-labor, anti-poor, anti-social security expansion, anti-anything and everything that we the people rightly expect government to provide in some measure.

Nonetheless, while Republicans don’t have the votes to win (even with their attempts to hamper voting rights of Americans around the country), they do have lots of “free speech” (aka money) thanks to Citizens United and its inane reasoning. Therefore those of us who believe that government should reflect people values over Wall Street profits and total corporate control of our lives must abandon our sofas every election day and vote our own interests. Meanwhile, consider these titles: President Trump, President Cruz, President Rubio, or speaking of bullies, President Christie. If that doesn’t get you off the sofa, nothing will.   GERALD    E


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