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October 21, 2015
Ryan or any other Republican who ascends (if it is an ascension) to the Speaker’s chair who thinks that a deal made with the rabid right in the party’s caucus will have any chance of holding is a dreamer. The forty or so “true believers” to the right of Attila the Hun in the House are driven by a sense of righteousness (or perhaps greed in disguise) who would rather in the long or even short run prefer to destroy the Republican Party with their Gilded Age economics and other libertarian views of what they call “freedom.” No Republican who is not one of their number who should become Speaker will escape their withering and public criticism, whatever the agreement in caucus. They are ungovernable, vociferous and far more critical of Republican leadership than loyal opposition Democrats, whose critiques of Republican initiatives are relatively modest (though to be fair, there are so few such initiatives that such a judgment doesn’t tell us much as Republicans spend their time and the taxpayers’ money slandering everyone in sight of both parties rather than doing what they were elected to do, i.e., legislating in a federated legislature in the interests of their constituencies and the good of America).
Since whoever is elected Speaker will in time be mercilessly attacked by the libertarian/nihilist element of the Republican Party, I have a suggestion I just made in a blog as to how to move this country off dead center and (finally) go to work on the issues of the day, issues that have long been neglected due to the political catfights within the Republican Party, and it is this (if Republicans can talk her into it): Elect Nancy Pelosi. When Speaker she often remarked that the Speaker represented ALL of the members of the House and not just those of the party to which the Speaker belonged. If mainstream Republicans and Democrats elected her, Republicans could neuter their own fractious minority, compromise with Democrats on the issues of the day and finally get something done. She would be the gavel-holder in name only. Committee formations, seniority and hearings would still be Republican so long as Republicans are in the majority. Not a lot would change other than the elimination of an America held hostage by the radical right – a real plus and no mean feat in its own right.
The American people, as I pointed out in a blog published just yesterday, are sick and tired of Republican manufactured crises, a paralyzed do-nothing Congress, government shutdowns and pandering to zillionaires with our tax money. Why are we the people to be deprived of responsible government because of political catfights within the Republican Party (or any other party, for that matter)? Just how long are we going to tolerate such misconduct before we do what anyone in private enterprise would do, i.e., fire the employees who refuse to do the work we hired them to do?
I propose that we fire all of our legislative employees of any party who spend their time defaming everyone in sight while totally neglecting the job we sent them to Washington to do. While recall is not generally available,  conviction of felony and/or rarely-used expulsion under House Rules can do the job. Of course we the people have the whip hand (though delayed) in this do-nothing scenario foisted off on us as “policy.” It’s called an election. Collectively, we are the employer of these people who are not doing what we elected them to do, and I propose that we fire them irrespective of party affiliation. Perhaps new “employees” will get the picture and act accordingly – to the benefit of all of us – and if not – they can be replaced as well.   GERALD     E

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