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October 29, 2015


I tuned in on the Republican “debate” last night in the hope of hearing some substantive issues debated, but as before, was disappointed. I heard talk of Bush’s insertion of “Fantasy Football” into the discussion, Rubio’s father who was a bartender and his mother a maid along with other “poor me” and “I’m great” claims and misrepresentations of fact that would have grown Pinocchio’s nose two feet longer had he uttered them. I heard juvenile chatter and claims of virtue that would make the Second Coming seem anti-climatic.

I heard little to nothing about the danger to our economy posed by approval of the TPP; I heard little to nothing about what we are going to do about wage inequality and its effect upon our economy’s aggregate demand; I heard little to nothing about Putin, Iran, ISIS, the Keystone Pipeline, global warming, Wall Street travesties, women’s reproductive health and how we are going to hold on to our democracy along with other great issues of the day desperately in need of solution. I sought enlightenment and elucidation; I found neither.

Watching such pandering juveniles in search of the nation’s highest position and all the power, fame and glory that goes with it was, frankly, a waste of my time, and I am sure millions of my adult fellow citizens would agree that watching this modern version of what could charitably be called “Howdy Doody Time” on TV could have been better spent watching reruns in black and white.

Perhaps the worst part of last night’s Republican pathetic performance was the old “blame the messenger” game some of the “debaters” employed to cuss out the questions put to them by the moderators. Apparently such malcontents expected to hear only softball questions such as “Why do you love your wife and children so much?” instead of “When did you quit beating your wife?.” I have a question: Who put the participants in charge of the questions asked by moderators? Their job is to answer the questions, not ask them.

They probably felt thwarted that some of the questions asked confined them to answers they did not want to give or did not provide them with space to give answers they did want to give. Can you imagine any one of these candidates as president in a tight conversation with Putin and complaining that they didn’t like the questions he asked in, say, a discussion of atomic war? Is the form of the question more important than the solution of the underlying substantive issue? Such complaints as those of last night made in front of millions of people give me some insight in how they would respond to questions and advice if occupying the Oval Office, a terrifying thought. The presidency is for adults, and all the candidates appeared to be adults – until they opened their mouths spouting non-issues and fleshing out their ego trips along with, of course, putdowns of their fellow candidates’ ego trips.

I saw and heard the Chair of the Republican National Committee today pick up the “blame the messenger” chant from last night. He said that the moderators should be ashamed of their performance last night in asking such questions and that future moderators “are on notice,” a sure sign that he knows his candidates bombed and needed a patsy to hang what was in fact THEIR “shameful performance” in not advancing their stands on the real issues of the day for the enlightenment and elucidation of millions of Americans who tuned in hoping to hear their stands on issues and their proposed solutions.

We the people were cheated last night. We learned far more about the egos of these Republican candidates than we did about their respective stands on and solutions to the substantive issues of our day.

I can understand their reluctance to discuss the real issues in a way; their party has done nothing for years but get in the way of progress as servants of Wall Street and a rabid base of right wingers, so perhaps I should have some understanding about why they do not want to discuss the real issues they have not allowed to be solved. Perhaps taking a stand and proposing a solution on the issues of immigration and abortion, for instance, is not something such candidates would want to do in primary season as it would alienate a substantial element of their current backers and perhaps deny them the presidential nomination (while simultaneously erasing “the peoples’ right to know”), but if so, then why bother going through the pretense of even having a “debate” when the real purpose is to avoid rather than debate the issues, which the Republican candidates did so well in avoiding last night.

Democratic candidates do not have that problem on these two issues, among many others, and that tells me something about the difference between a unified party and one in chaos filled with fear of statesmanship, lashing out at the media or anyone else in attempts to cover their own shortcomings, a do-nothing party that in reality is the entity in this dreadful drama who should be “ashamed” of what its leadership and members have done and are doing to America and our people.

I will make them pay in the fall of 2016. Join me.   GERALD    E


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