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December 8, 2015


An internet professor set forth her view that evidence doesn’t matter to the ideological, evidence, for instance, that home-grown Americans are far more likely to be criminals than refugees seeking entrance into our country. She asked for responses to her view. Following was mine (with an addendum).

There are those among us who profit greatly from drumming up fear and hatred, such as racists, neocons, Cheney war profiteers, big “defense” contractors, Netanyahu land grabbers and the like, all covered with the flag, exhortations from Fox News, and such brilliant radio and TV newscasters as Limbaugh, Beck and O’Reilly. These are the same people who (with their influence over the unwary and fearful and their implied threats to take out any politician who varies one whit from NRA orthodoxy) want to make it possible to put guns in the hands of terrorists and domestic fruitcakes and who as a result are making a shooting gallery out of America.

As I blogged recently, 88 people on average are killed every day by guns in America. That means that in two days we have more people killed here than were killed in Paris, a (we hope) one-day experience. I asked why that wasn’t headlines in our newspapers every day, as was the Parisian tragedy for a few days after it occurred. If a jet plane crashed every day and killed 88 people, would that get our attention if Rush told us to ignore it?

Has propaganda finally trumped reason? When are we going to get serious about intervening in this massive and continuing slaughter of Americans, when it reaches 100 a day? What are we thinking? Or are we? (End of response)

Addendum. Guns are dangerous instrumentalities in the hands of anybody, but especially terrorists and the mentally ill, not to mention the contribution of guns to deaths by accident. Aside from killing people, guns facilitate robbery of banks, street stickups, convenience stores and the like, and I have read one story where a woman who legally had a gun in her car’s glove compartment killed another woman in a fit of road rage at an intersection and who afterwards sorrowfully said (while in prison) that she wished the gun had not been available.

All of us have also, of course, heard that many traffic officers have been killed by those they stopped for traffic violations, so that I think, relatively speaking, the emphasis of the NRA and the complicit media on the lookout for sensationalism in re terrorism is misplaced. Far more people are killed by what we can fairly call domestic terrorists than by what most people think of as “terrorists” such as those involved in the Twin Towers, Boston and San Bernardino. Guns kill 88 people a day in this country, and that’s the stark evidence, not propaganda. NRA, take note.

Don’t misunderstand what I am writing here. I hold no brief for Muslim or any other kind of terrorist such as the Christian veteran who blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City and killed more people (many of whom were children) than were killed in Paris recently. I am for the eradication of ISIS and terrorism of whatever stripe, foreign or domestic, wherever practiced.

However, the truth based on real evidence is that by far most of our domestic terrorism (like killing 88 people a day and facilitation of other felonies) is done by non-Muslims, but we have been taught to ignore such real evidence in favor of NRA propaganda designed to make us believe otherwise via programs of fear and hysteria. Fear, hysteria and religious finger-pointing tend to divert our attention from the real problem, to wit: the availability of guns to most anyone and everyone in a society that demands prescriptions for drugs and licenses to drive but demands neither prescription nor licensing for possession and ownership of guns which are, to reiterate, dangerous instrumentalities.

I think it is time to eradicate ISIS and initiate a gun licensing program to keep guns out of the hands of both foreign and domestic terrorists as well. Hunting is one thing; slaughtering school children is another, and I think it is time for our politicians to officially recognize the difference with badly needed remedial legislation or themselves suffer replacement for failure to do their plain duty as representatives of all the people and not just the NRA.   GERALD   E

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