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December 18, 2015
If you want to sleep tonight, stop here. Don’t read this. Erase it. The topic? Putin’s endorsement of Trump for president. Trump says he is honored by Putin’s endorsement and I say honored by an endorsement from that guy? What’s next? Will Trump be “honored” by an endorsement from the dictator of North Korea? Of Charles Manson? Of a resurrected Hitler? He is “honored?” What! All day long I waited for the over-sensitive newscasters and pundits on TV to come up with the motive Putin must have had in making the endorsement of such a clueless juvenile totally lacking in any knowledge or experience in either domestic or foreign affairs when Putin’s rationale for making such an endorsement stuck out like a sore thumb to me from the minute I heard of it. He wants Trump for president because he knows Trump is systemically unqualified for the job and figures he can manipulate the blustery windbag in one-on-one exchanges. He knows how to bully others and will bully Trump. If Trump thinks he knows how to “make the deal,” he is about to meet his master in a guy who took the Crimean Peninsula away from Ukraine and is trying his luck in annexing portions of eastern Ukraine and still has not had a price to pay beyond some sanctions that aren’t working and some cancellations of contracts for natural gas to energy starved Europe.
Knowing Trump, if he is elected president, he will return the favor if Putin is up for reelection during Trump’s term. You have to remember your friends, you know, and one good turn deserves another.
There is perhaps a second motive in the Russian bully’s mind, i.e., to see if he can get a seat at the table in American domestic politics. He must be the most surprised leader of any country today to see that his endorsement of Trump was not only not rejected, but “honored,” which in effect gives him an invisible seat at the table in the Oval Office. In words of the street, Trump owes him one, and if elected you and I will be the ones who fund the payment. Putin has no business sticking his nose into American politics. He is perfectly free to reject the policies made by our government as they affect Russian interests but he is not free to decide or otherwise influence just who will be making such policies on behalf of the American people. That sovereign right in a democracy is exclusive to voters and is none of his business, and that is precisely what Trump should have said in rejecting Putin’s endorsement. Instead, he said “he was honored!”
When is the Republican Party going to do its duty in corralling this mindless and grossly unqualified candidate by telling him that his name will not be coming up in its nominating convention? If that party does not have the backbone to do the necessary in saving America from possible ruin, then I consider them to be complicit and agreeable to endorsements of candidates from anyone anywhere in their lust for power. America deserves better – much better.   GERALD    E

Marge Wood

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