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June 16, 2016


Much is being made of comparisons of Hitler and Trump and the coming fascism that will overtake America if Trump is elected, as though inevitable. Though I hold no brief for Trump, I think the comparisons inapt. I think we need to compare the contexts of the times and the relative ascension of Hitler through the late Twenties and early Thirties to his election as chancellor with a bully who has manhandled the Republican Party into nomination as president. Hitler had a Treaty of Versailles, reparations from WW I and a German economy that was hyper-inflated during the Twenties to whine about; Trump only has trade treaties, Mexicans, Muslims, women  et al. to complain about as “issues,” most of which “issues” are not real but rather manufactured by Trump, who promises us relief from such non-existent issues.

Notably missing from Trump’s list are the real issues of the day such as wage and wealth inequality, outrageous tax breaks for those who don’t need them (aka Wall Street banks and others), universal health care etc. I conclude that Trump’s recital of problems that face the country are designed to give alpha male treatment to supposed issues while diverting our attention from solution of the real problems of the day, an old trick of politicians. His incendiary delivery of the supposed solutions to his version of the problems facing the country today only adds to additional confusion among the electorate (which is part of his plan). Such plan will fail; ultimately voters want a discussion of the real problems facing the country and a vision of where this country and its people are headed, not phony issues manufactured by snake oil salesmen and women which they propose to “solve.”

Another distinction that can be made in a Hitler-Trump ascension to power is that Hitler rose to power in a parliamentary system, which is unavailable to Trump here. Democrats and disaffected Republicans will never succumb to a Hitler-like grasp of power in the hands of Trump, nor will a Congress of whatever composition ever appropriate funds to further a fascistic design of Trump or anyone else. The German states were only united as a German state for some 60 years before Hitler made the scene; here we have had well over 200 years of democracy based upon the blood of patriots, which will not be surrendered easily to tyrants and tyranny.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say here that in my opinion Trump if elected will not become a successful fascist because we the people and our representatives will not allow it; nor will we in the first instance elect such as the likes of Trump, who is woefully and plainly clueless in proposing solutions to the real issues of the day, issues desperately in need of solution.     GERALD      E


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