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July 30, 2016


I had occasion to write elsewhere recently that Trump has said women are “pigs,” and those are his  words, not mine. I also wrote in that piece that if I were walking down the street with my wife and he approached us and called my wife a “pig,” that I would put his teeth down his throat.

It later occurred to me that if I could be moved to violence on an individual insult such as I have above set forth, then why are we collectively allowing this man to get by with such a generalized insult to more than 50% of our electorate? Where is the Republican Party in reining in this insulter-in chief?

Are Republican women voters “pigs?” Presumably, per Trump’s definition. Why should any woman of any party vote for this man after being called a “pig?” Is he calling his mother a “pig?” Mother Teresa? How about Mary the Mother? Is she a “pig?” If he is elected, then how does he conduct himself with the leaders of Germany and Britain, both of whom are women and thus by his standard “pigs?”

It is clear to me that this man’s mouth is out of control. It is also clear to me that if he is elected both our domestic and especially our foreign policy (if we have one after his election) will be adversely affected due to his ignorance and inexperience and use of bombast and insult in an attempt to cover the fear of being discovered as a president without a clue.

I have heard and read a number of amateur psychologists’ diagnoses of Trump’s problem as that of a narcissist. As a lawyer and not a shrink, I defer to the diagnoses of independent psychiatrists on just what his mental problem is. If he is in need of mental help, I hope he gets it, but I am opposed to his treatment while representing the United States of America in negotiating with heads of state, some of whom are brilliant and experienced women who lead various countries around the globe.

It is plain to me after his reference to women as “pigs,” that such a generalized insult not only puts him at a disadvantage in any such talks but also undermines the policy objectives of our country. We cannot afford to elect a man who puts his mouth ahead of his country. This country is about all of us, not just one person’s view of women as somehow not human but porcine.

Trump has in the course of winning the Republican nomination successfully bullied the Republican National Committee, insulted those of Mexican descent, slandered his fellow Republican candidates in the primary and, of course, Hillary Clinton (who now can add “pig” to being a liar and a crook to her vita per Trump). He has also cozied up to the Russian dictator Putin and called him a good “leader.” He has likewise talked in terms of scrapping NATO, approving the annexation of Crimea by Putin etc. etc. etc., but in my view his greatest insult of all is to women, and how any woman of any political stripe can vote for this man is beyond me.

Let’s look at this biggest insult of all from an opposite angle. Suppose Hillary Clinton called men “pigs.” What do you think Fox News and indeed all the media would do with that? I can guarantee you a firestorm and a President Trump. I wouldn’t even vote for her (as I plan to do now). Yet we allow this man to publicly state that women are “pigs” with hardly a ripple among the media. Where’s the firestorm? Has he successfully bullied the media (as he has the Republican National Committee)?

I hope that women of all political stripes recognize that Trump with his “pig” talk considers them to be at best third-class citizens and will vote accordingly. My stripe is that of a Democrat, but I can assure you that if Hillary called me a “pig,” I would not vote in this presidential election for the office of president, given the choices. No way.     GERALD      E



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One Comment
  1. billy1926 permalink

    Good to see your personal thinking stated, although I think I already knew your general opinion in re this egotistic male who probably wouldn’t know a “sow” from a “boar”; to him, they are all “pigs.”
    I’m more than a little behind staying up with your blog prints, but I pretty well know where you came from and where you’re going; it’s interesting to scout some of these other dudes. It’s about an even split between good-and-poor, methinks. Sometime in the past I found a couple of good sources from “Indian Country” that I like and appreciate, especially at the national level.
    More later (I hope). Billy

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