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August 2, 2016


I wrote recently that I thought it was a possibility that Trump in his heart of hearts did not really want to be elected; that the whole political exercise in which he has been engaged was and is a publicity stunt designed to feed his narcissistic ego (a con per Bloomberg); that he knows in his heart of hearts that he is grossly unqualified for the presidency and is terrified that he might win. Proof of his narcissistic impulses? I have none, not being privy to his therapists’ notes, but there is indirect evidence available to the discerning that may or may not prove my thesis. Following are a few of my observations in such connection.

For instance, he has said that he will leave the details of governing to his vice president. Would a serious candidate for president make such a statement, or is he fearful he might actually win and needs a buffer from responsibility for what is certain to be a calamitous four years? As of today, he has now added “devil” to “pig” and “liar” in describing his opponent. Would a serious candidate for the presidency demonstrate such a lack of class to the nation and the world in describing his opponent?

He has vilified leaders of his own party (if he has a party), Muslim parents of a war hero who died for his (our) country (though Trump had 5 deferments from the draft and never served), insulted women as “pigs,” classifies every rule contrary to his interests as “rigged,” and in general has attempted and is attempting to gain the presidency via insult and pretense. He has repeatedly stated that Putin is a good leader, suggested that he will approve Putin’s annexation of the Crimea and, among other things, scrap NATO unless its members pony up their fair share for the costs of defending their borders (even though their borders are our borders per the language of NATO and all European members are current with their pledge to pay NATO 2% of their GDP per annum).

He has stated that he will bring good paying jobs back to America after either redoing or tearing up our trade agreements – ignoring the history of corporate America and its sponsorship of wage inequality in a market economy, and also at odds with his contradictory statements made elsewhere that government should not be involved in setting minimum wages and that wages are too high already. He cannot have it both ways.

As a businessman, he has to know that the president does not set “good wages” – that wages are set by corporate America, proud sponsors of worsening wage inequality, and that they are unlikely to pay “good wages” to anyone other than their executives. He also has to know as a businessman that there are thousands of contracts by American multinational corporations made with foreign producers pursuant to the terms of trade agreements and that tearing up such agreements would bring utter mayhem to the so-called “free market” international economy that his own party glorifies beyond reason, and that such mayhem and confusion could lead to international recession or depression.

So what are some of the results of his classless and clueless forays into areas in which he doesn’t have a clue? Is he succeeding in having his “campaign” implode, in defeating himself? The answer is yes. His opponent led him by 7 points after her post-convention bump, and with his negative mouthing of a dead hero and the addition of “devil” to describe his opponent since, he is as of today behind by 9 points. As his mouth continues to spew out insults and baseless claims of presidential powers, he may well face the November election behind by double digits in polling.

If my guess is correct and he loses badly in the fall election (which he, of course, will complain was “rigged”), only he and his therapists will know that he actually won the battle – within himself.    GERALD     E




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