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August 3, 2016


Yesterday (per my sources) I blogged that Trump as a Republican had committed the politically unpardonable sin of supporting the primary opponent of Ryan, the sitting Republican Speaker of the House. My daughter (from her sources) told me that Trump had only threatened to support Ryan’s primary opponent. Whichever, one is tantamount to the other; the damage is done and I stand by my conclusion drawn in yesterday’s essay, i.e., Trump doesn’t want to win, truth be told.

A candidate for office who insults everybody in or out of sight, including but not limited to war heroes such as McCain, grieving parents of Captain Khan (who was killed in Iraq); a candidate who says women are “pigs,” who says that he may scrap our trade agreements, NATO etc., even if he is suffering from terminal narcissism or some other mental defect not quite sufficient for incarceration in an asylum, has led me to the conclusion that Trump in his heart of hearts could not possibly be serious in his pursuit of the most powerful office on the planet. No one by any standard I know could possibly talk and act like he does and hope to win an election. We voters should help him achieve his non-goal.

It is clear to me (and I am a lawyer not a shrink) that he has an insatiable ego that responds to praise, but woe to those who disagree with him in the slightest, which one writer on his row with Ryan describes as a “breach of decorum.” I think it is at least a “breach of decorum” but much more. Ryan and others have decried some of the statements Trump has made as not representative of the Republican Party and their endorsements of his candidacy are lukewarm at best. They are therefore targets for Trump. They have not praised him. Weak endorsements are not enough. One must praise. Proof?

When pressed for his support of the Speaker’s primary opponent, Trump responded that “Ryan’s opponent said some nice things about me,” (i.e., he stroked my ego).

Of course, Putin has “said some nice things” about Trump, too, so they have engaged in a mutual admiration society, though with vastly different reasons for such responses one to the other. Putin is delighted to hear a candidate for president of the United States talk of undermining NATO and Trump is delighted to have his ego stroked. What a tradeoff that is!

The Russian Bear in the absence of NATO could effectively take over Europe without firing a shot in return for a stroked ego, hardly a good return on investment for a country which calls itself a world leader. Trump has repeatedly protested that “being friendly with Russia is a good thing,” and in isolated context he is right – but at what cost, and what’s in it for us – a stroked ego? Where is his vision; his understanding of history? Doesn’t he remember the Cold War, the Cuban missile crisis, MAD?

Even scarier than the foregoing, a TV report today states that when Trump was interviewed by a foreign policy expert about the world’s problems and power plays, he asked the expert three times in a row as follows: “Well, why don’t we just use atomic bombs? We have them.” If that doesn’t keep America awake at night, nothing will. It is clear that this egomaniac is too dangerous to entrust with the Oval Office and access to the atomic button which only he as president can push.

This election has morphed from the usual Republican-Democrat policy arguments and what’s best for the country into an insult-laden campaign by a candidate with an insatiable ego and a gross lack of understanding of world politics and how to respond to such realities in these perilous times. Whether Democrats or Republicans, we voting citizens owe it to ourselves and our futures (if we and our progeny are to have one) to help Trump achieve his goal by voting for his opponent.    GERALD      E



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