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August 3, 2016


Earlier today I published a blog entitled Trump and Implosion. I did not know at the time that I would be drafting a Part II to such a publication, but events since such publication earlier today require me to write a Part II to the earlier blog, as will be seen hereinafter.

I suggested but admitted in today’s blog that I could not prove that Trump really did not want to win this fall’s election; that the whole thing was some sort of game attributable to his mental instability, which some believe to be narcissism. I referred to an earlier blog I wrote which raised the same question a few weeks ago, where I also admitted I could not prove what I was writing but felt then and now that no candidate for office could call women “pigs” and put down grieving parents of a dead war hero (among other such insults to candidates of both parties and others) and expect to win the presidency. I could only assume from such evidence that Trump in fact did not want to win the presidency; that he was having some sort of narcissistic joyride at the expense of both political parties, but admitted I couldn’t prove it.

I think I can now prove it. Why? Well, let’s set the stage for my conversion. The Constitution names the Speaker of the House (in this case Ryan) as third in line to the presidency. Thus should something happen to the president and vice president, Ryan would become president. Ryan is high in Republican circles as Speaker of the House and as the former candidate for vice president with Romney in 2012. Since the Constitution mandates that all revenue bills shall originate in the House, and since he controls the flow of legislation in that body, his is a powerful office, to be respected by Democrats and Republicans alike.

So what happened today to finally persuade me to write that Trump actually wants to lose the election this fall? It’s because this afternoon Trump has announced that he is backing his fellow Republican Ryan’s primary opponent for Ryan’s House seat this fall, the ultimate political insult. I don’t see how that gets him any brownie points in his pretended quest for the Oval Office, but I can’t imagine that Republicans can take that insult sitting down since it goes to the heart of their political ambition.

Trump wants to lose; he is fearful that he might be elected and the world will find that there is no wizard behind the curtain (as in Oz). I don’t know how the Republican Party can reverse the convention vote at this late date, but unless they do something soon the election for the presidency is over, and with the open warfare within Republican ranks I think they will also lose the Senate and perhaps even the gerrymandered House.

If this open and bleeding political wound is not somehow sutured in timely fashion, then I think the Republican Party may well go the way of the Whigs, from whose ashes their party arose in 1854. The formation and operation of political parties require a common governing philosophy of its members, and that is clearly absent in the Republican Party today. They (like the Dixiecrats, the Free Soil Party and others) are at risk for failure which, as believer in the two-party system though a Democrat), I would personally lament. They have a lot of work to do, and they had better get started with a nose-to-nose confrontation with this bully if they are to be a force in American politics in the future.

Trump’s use of the terms “pigs,” “liars” and insults of grieving parents of a dead war hero (when he had 5 draft deferments in a measure of his patriotism) did not convince me that he was dead in the water this fall. His support of a sitting Republican Speaker’s primary opponent did the job. If he remains the Republican candidate for president, he is, politically speaking, dead in the water this fall, and he will take many on the down-ticket down with him.   GERALD      E



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