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August 8, 2016


“I will tear up the trade agreements and bring good paying manufacturing jobs back to America,” says Trump. The “good paying” phrase in this statement needs discussion. Trump is trying to pull a fast one on working people.

What those angry and disenchanted working people who say they will vote for Trump don’t seem to understand is that we have had severe wage inequality and wage stagnation long before such trade agreements were made. We have had such inequality and hideously low wage scales since the 1970s, long before our corporations started shipping jobs to China and other venues, and long before the WTO and other such trade agreements were ever made.

It was therefore not the trade agreements that brought on the wage inequality and wage stagnation beginning in the 1970s since such agreements didn’t exist yet, and tearing them up now won’t help. Trump’s simplistic pretense to the contrary is false and designed to get votes from unwary working people, who should be voting Democratic and not for some real estate mogul who is loose with history, the facts and the truth.

My point is that Trump is concocting a phony problem which he says he will solve when it won’t matter if he does bring jobs back to America so long as we have a continuation of the pitifully low wage scale paid to working people these days, a situation we have had since the 1970s.  If working people who want to believe somebody, like anybody, who will promise “good paying jobs,” Trump is not who they should be voting for. Their relief is to be found in the Congress and in state legislatures, a Republican-led Congress which will not vote to increase the minimum wage and state legislatures which pass so-called right to work laws that hamper union formation, among other things. Economic statistics prove that when minimum wages rise there is an increase in general wage scales.

Those working people and everyone else who want relief from wage inequality and wage stagnation should elect people to the Congress and state legislatures who can provide it for them, because other than a minimum wage for those working for government contractors (which Obama has already set), presidents have no power to set minimum wages, and since unions as collective bargaining agents have now become few and far between, there are few who advocate for increased wages. (I am one of them.)

So Trump is now going to bring “good paying” manufacturing jobs back to America? He can’t, but even if he could, we can see that the problem of ridiculously low wages will persist. Let’s see how Trump would see to it that we have good wages in this economy which, if he could and did, aggregate demand would go through the roof, the economy would boom and everyone would be happy.

He is on record that he will not increase the minimum wage and also said that “wages are too high already.” That doesn’t sound like a candidate who is going to help working people; it sounds more like a Wall Street corporate or banking executive who wants the lion’s share of income the economy produces and leave the scraps for working people for their efforts in producing such income.

That, in my view, is wrong, has been since the 1970s, but trade agreements are not the culprit in this picture. We would have poor wages given the present corporate ownership of our economy if every man, woman and child had a job. It is not just high employment that makes an economy boom; working people have to be paid a living wage in order to stoke the aggregate demand that makes for prosperity and a strong economy.

Translated to the political, Trump is not for the working people, as proven by his stand on minimum and general wage scales. He has repeatedly said he will tear up trade agreements so that “good paying jobs” will return to America. Trouble is, as we have seen, the trade agreements had and have little to nothing to do with “good paying jobs.” Trade agreements came along years after wage inequality and stagnation had already been well established. He, as usual, has misrepresented the facts for political gain.

Working people, beware! Let’s treat the real culprits for your wage abuse. They are to be found in the Congress in Washington and in state capitals all around the country and are badly in need of replacement, so let’s do the necessary. Let’s vote for senators and representatives on both state and federal levels that will identify the real needs of working people and do somthing about it.    GERALD      E


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