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August 10, 2016


We have endured Trump’s description of women as “fat pigs,” his put down of Senator John McCain for being “captured” in war, his denigration of Captain Khan’s grieving parents for their son killed in war, and now we are called upon to endure his not so subtle call for revolution by Second Amendment people if Hillary should win and appoint Supreme Court justices who will “take away their guns.” His put down of war heroes dead and alive is especially disgusting since he is a 5-time draft dodger who chose not to serve his country. He is a great patriot – so long as his hide is not involved.

In the interests of accuracy and fair play, he did not say that there would be a revolution by Second Amendment people and did not say that Hillary’s appointees to the court would “take away their guns,” but the inference he left was clear and unmistakable because that’s exactly what he wanted to say but stopped short of saying. To me, the fact that he was even considering such a possibility is a first stop on the road to treason. I don’t want to say that what one thinks in a democracy is subject to the Thought Police of Orwell’s 1984 or an FBI investigation today, but it does give us some insight into what the man is considering in his frustration at his tanking poll numbers and as a part of his fear campaign (a last resort tactic which should be rejected).

Let’s reverse the situation. I detest the court’s holding in Citizens United, which effectively opened the floodgates to the purchase of our government and our democracy by the Kochs and their libertarian mobs. I detest right to work laws that suppress the rights of labor, laws sponsored by ALEC and funded by the Kochs and others. So what shall I do? Get together an army of liberals, march on Washington and various state capitals, physically restrain the Supreme Court, the chief executives constitutionally charged with carrying out the laws, and various state legislatures from carrying out the terms of such judgments and acts? I would never think of such a thing, and if Trump’s Second Amendment commandos followed his vision, our federal prisons would quite properly be full and overflowing. Objecting to a duly-passed statute or court decision is one thing; preventing or attempting to prevent its enforcement is another.

Trump has played the role of a bull in a china shop for cheap political gain, and it has appealed to many. However, with such reckless and thoughtless conduct he has conclusively demonstrated that he is out of touch with the realities of both domestic and world economics and politics and with his senseless and near treasonous prattle on top of that the people are (per today’s polling) rightly deciding that country is more important than party and that this bull should be removed from the china shop and sent back out to pasture, where he belongs.

So now we can add the gaffe of a not so subtle call to revolution to the gaffes of fat pigs and put downs of military heroes both dead and alive. What’s the next gaffe-in-waiting? Can this man be a serious candidate for office with such a mouth? How would such a mouth sell in Beijing, Moscow or before the UN? You be the judge.    GERALD      E







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