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August 11, 2016


Yesterday on the campaign trail Trump said that Barack Hussein Obama was the founder of ISIS and Hillary was the co-founder.  I have seen far-out claims made by many candidates over the years, but this one takes the cake. It is the equivalent of a claim in my day that Dwight David Eisenhower or Harry S Truman was the founder of the Communist Party and is beyond ridiculous. If there was ever any doubt that Trump is suffering from a mental defect, this cinches it. What, if anything, is going on between this man’s ears that could possibly give rise to such an utterly asinine public statement? Cheap political shot? I wish it were only that, but it goes far beyond that easy explanation.

As I have often written, I am a lawyer and not a psychiatrist, and defer to the latter’s expertise in matters of the mind. I also defer to the expertise of such as George Lakoff, cognitive brain scientist of the University of California, Berkeley, an expert in brain structure and function. These are the people Trump should consult before he fully and finally embarrasses himself and his party beyond public redemption, if he hasn’t already. This whole situation goes beyond politics; the man needs help.

While not a psychiatrist, I do know something about the law of evidence, and the evidence Trump is providing with his inane psychotic chatter does give us lay people some indication of what must be going on in this man’s mind. It is not a pretty picture. It is clear to me with his statement that “women are fat pigs” and now with this claim that the president and Hillary are the founder and co-founder of ISIS that he should take leave of his campaign and seek psychiatric help. If I were his lawyer, I would advise him to seek help from both a humane and political viewpoint.

Thus whatever his mistakes and foibles, he is a human being who is ill and in need of care, and from a political point of view, we need to maintain our two-party system if we are to preserve American democracy and I don’t know whether the Republican Party can survive this unmitigated political disaster and remain a force in American politics.  I hope so, since as I have often blogged, we need the checks and balances the major parties afford one another to prevent or at least call attention to excess. As stated above, this situation goes beyond politics (though ultimately tied to political result).

Perhaps a professional diagnosis accompanied by a course of medication would solve or mitigate the effects of Trump’s problem. I am informed that there is much that can be done for mental problems via medication targeting the particular condition of the brain these days, and for all I know, he may already be under the care of a psychiatrist and taking drugs designed to help. If so, I think he should visit his psychiatrist again with a view toward adjustment of dosage or prescription of a new drug more specific to his condition. The current regime, if any, is clearly not working (see pigs and ISIS outbursts).

As my followers know, I have been uniformly critical of Trump and expect to continue to be given his insulting nature and complete lack of discussion of the real political issues at hand and lack of any vision for the future of America and our people, but the point of this blog is about how to help Trump help himself rather than my usual diatribe on his political shortcomings. Quite aside from who wins in November, this man in his untreated (or under-treated) condition constitutes a threat to whatever political stability we may still have in America, and owes it to both himself and his country to seek help.

I wish him well and hope he has a speedy recovery so that he can get back on the campaign trail and discuss the real issues of the day and provide his vision of where America and its people are  headed, since insults and inane statements contribute nothing to voter understanding. He can change that.    GERAL


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