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October 15, 2016


I have just heard a Trump surrogate on TV who said that she is tired of all this sex talk of the past week and wants to “move on” with “the issues.” I have two observations to make in this connection.

First, if Trump wants to talk about the real issues, it will be the first time (and obviously designed to beat the sex heat). His campaigns both primary and general have not been about the real issues faced by America and Americans; they have been putdown and insult almost exclusively with the result that we do not know his stands on, for instance, wage and wealth inequality. He has been too busy articulating attacks on “Crooked Hillary,” the media et al. to pay attention to a vision of the future of America and Americans, which is where we will be living long after leaked emails and sexual conquests are relegated to the dustbins of history.

My second observation is that his predatory nature and hatred have become “issues” in and of themselves since they are likely to spill over into matters of state among such of the demented as he represents in real time. How he treats (or mistreats) women, for instance, would find an equal pay statute passed by Congress subjected to his veto given his obvious hatred of women. Likewise his hatred of Mexicans would show up not only in “building a wall” but also in ending or drastically amending NAFTA (all without reference to the third member of NAFTA, Canada), and without any specifics on just how he proposes to avoid destroying the thousands of contracts between American multinational corporations and those of Mexico and Canada which are based upon sections of this trade treaty. So yes, his personal conduct (or misconduct) while it may not be an issue in general among the lowlifes becomes one when it is that of a candidate for president of the United States of America, especially when there is strong evidence that such candidate has a screw loose north of the neck which suggests that he should spend the next four years in some secluded sanitarium rather than in the Oval Office.


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