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October 15, 2016

    With his numbers tanking, Trump has resorted to a rule or ruin strategy with his latest (shall I say it?) insane claims of “they’re out to get me,” “they’re” composed variously of certain sinister folk on an international level to the media to combinations of “Crooked Hillary” and Bill who are concocting all these lies about me. It’s a plot not only against me but America as well. If you don’t vote for me, America is toast on the road to oblivion. Our democracy is finished. All is lost.

    I have a different view in my survey of Americana. For instance, I foresee oblivion of our democracy if we do not stop or at least slow the pace of institutional control of this country by corporations and I think that wage and wealth inequality is our single biggest domestic issue – neither of which have been discussed by Trump. He is good at enumerating phony issues and out to lunch in discussion of the real issues of the day, all as compounded with his simultaneous “poor me” and God-like claims of omnipotence in “fixing” what he says is wrong with America, even going so far as to say he is the only one in the world who can fix such problems!

    I am accustomed to manipulative claims by politicians, of course, but what worries me in this case is that this guy might really believe some or all of the propaganda he is spouting to the masses, and worse, that the masses do not understand that their vote is being manipulated by this power-mad narcissist who picks on women and “losers” as well as Democrats and Republicans and Muslims and Mexicans and anyone else who disagrees with him. (Move over, Narcissus. There is only room for one of us at this pool.)

    I don’t know whether his problem (or set of problems) is organic or rooted in past business and sexual successes but I am beginning to think he should be spending the next four years of his life or more in a quiet sanitarium setting for the disturbed rather than in the Oval Office. It appears that his narcissistic mindset simply cannot abide word from his advisers that he will lose this election and is lashing out at his mythical enemies with reckless abandon. I am a lawyer and not a shrink but if this man isn’t mentally ill, two and two are not four.     GERALD      E


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