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October 16, 2016


I have two nephews and a cousin who are MDs, but unfortunately, not one of them is a psychiatrist. I say unfortunately because I would like to know on the cheap just what it is that one or more of them might think is amiss in the mind and perhaps the brain of Don the Con.

I spent my post graduate years in law school rather than medical school and am not qualified to know with any certainty what is wrong with this guy’s mental apparatus though I know something is wrong from observation of how he acts and has acted and by reading cognitive brain science tracts written by George Lakoff, who happened to earn his doctorate at the same university whose law school I attended.  Lakoff holds forth these days as a professor of cognitive brain science at the University of California, Berkeley, and is the author among others of a book published in 2008 and republished later in 2009 as he added material to the first after Obama’s election, a book called The Political Mind.

In the book Lakoff tells us among other things that brain science research is proceeding at warp speed and that we understand much more about how brains work now than we did not that long ago, and that the pace of our brain research is accelerating. I suppose it is too much to ask Donald to leave his brain to research upon his demise, but it would amount to a public service as Lakoff and fellow researchers who dissect portions of the Don’s brain might well come up with findings to avoid in future candidates for office and perhaps include testing for such shortcomings into constitutional requirements along with age, where born etc.

I can’t know that that is what their research would prove or even suggest, of course, but as the Don is finally coming to understand (against his narcissistic mindset) that he has a big loser coming up in some three weeks he has had to adopt ego-protecting mindless and inane claims that “they’re out to get me” via a conspiracy of international bankers, the media et al., I think that there is a good chance that research on his brain would confirm that he had a screw loose while living.

Don the Con lives in a world where “political correctness” has supplanted common decency, where lowlife locker talk demeaning women and their bodies is O.K., where Putin is commended for being “a strong leader,” and where we don’t need a minimum wage because “wages are already too high” (a certain recipe for increased poverty leading to banana republic status if, wage-wise, we haven’t arrived at such status already). I note in passing that Hitler and Lenin were “strong leaders,” too. Does Don the Con harbor a secret desire to emulate their records?

Trump is trying to lead the rest of us into his world of hate, bigotry, poverty, racism, gross lack of empathy and total disdain for the distaff, and if he should accomplish his goal, you and I and Americans in general can kiss our most valuable asset, our democracy, good bye. His world is not my world and I trust, not yours. This election has little to do with politics based on the real issues of the day (which have not been discussed in favor of insult and putdown) but between sanity and insanity. I have early voted for sanity and recommend that you strongly consider following suit.    GERALD     E



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