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October 20, 2016


Herr Trumpf was destined to lose the upcoming election from the start given his antagonistic rule or ruin mindset irrespective of his history of hatred of women and his innate inability to get along even with (ostensibly) his friends (Republicans) as well as his enemies, enemies being defined as anybody who disagrees with his thin-skinned egotistical conclusions as played out in me-me-me real time. He has constructed an alternate world in which he knows more than the admirals and generals and anyone else about anything, a sandbox universe in which he is the owner and distributor of all of the legos and toys to his fellow kindergarteners all of whom are subject to his superior knowledge and strong leadership.

Trouble is, his world is not the world we live in. We have graduated from the mindset of Narcissus at the pool and the sandbox brigades of the surreal. We live in a world of rights and obligations we have imposed upon ourselves for the good of all. We are a nation of laws, not men, we proudly proclaim, and all our laws are subject to the organic law of the land, our precious Constitution bought by the blood of patriots, the fount of our democracy, the most treasured asset we hold in common.

Donald Trump last night in the concluding “debate” said that he would withhold judgment on whether he would accept the results of the upcoming election and “would keep us in suspense.” After nearly fainting from hearing such a response to our constitutional values, it quickly occurred to me that it doesn’t make any difference whether he accepts the results or not because Hillary Clinton is going to win this election and will be sworn in to office just as the Constitution prescribes and because this is the real world we live in and not that world of narcissistic cocoons he has concocted to describe his successes and conquests one after another.

I am not “held in suspense” awaiting this disturbed real estate and “brand” promoter’s decision on whether to allow Hillary’s election to stand. Where in law or history (other than in banana republics) is anyone’s right to annul or even denigrate the results of a vote by the American people? Has Trump taken it upon himself to negate the vote of the American people? By what right in law or in the Constitution does he purport to exercise such authority? No such right exists, of course, but that is only true in our universe. This disturbed man lives in another universe, and has had some success in drawing large numbers of voters into his den of dark and divisive make believe. While his future as a candidate will soon end, his divisive legacy may not, and that could be a problem for us and our progeny in the future.

Donald Trump essentially told us last night that he does not respect the Constitution or our democracy and reserves the right to apply his interpretation of their meaning by dictatorial means. Such a view, in my opinion, whatever world we inhabit, disqualifies him from any further consideration for office. Stories about supposed voter fraud he has employed as an excuse to destroy democracy are disgusting to have to listen to in view of a Loyola University’s study finding 37 cases of voter fraud in a billion votes, but this is not the first time he has spouted out conclusions totally unsupported by facts in constructing his own universe of a mirage in which he is to rule supreme.

I think the result of his democracy-destroying response to the efficacy of American elections assures Democrats of control of the Senate (especially since the vice president can break ties), a real shot at the House, and the electoral votes of some of the red states turned blue.  I suppose I should say, Thanks, Herr Trumph, but when discussing a loss of our democracy, my sense of humor fails me.    GERALD     E






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