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October 21, 2016


Republicans of all stripes (establishment, tea partiers, libertarians) have been quick to disassociate their views from those announced publicly by the head of their ticket, Donald Trump, and I am growing weary of hearing their responses to cover their political posteriors while maintaining their Tom Sawyer political profile. They are currently having it both ways, i.e., many if not most of them say they hate what Trump is saying but that they will vote for him, will refuse to un-endorse him etc., this from Republican party officials and senators and representatives across the board, the same people who unleashed this narcissistic monster on to the American electorate in the first place.

It is time for such people to not only take responsibility for their grievous mistake in nominating him; it is time for them to totally condemn his candidacy, and if they don’t (and soon), then they are as bad as he is and cannot be heard to say, for instance, that “I have a wife and daughters and I certainly do not agree with Trump’s assertion that women are pigs. However, I will vote for him and endorse his candidacy.” Huh? That’s not the way synapses work or should work, and any Republican who tries to sell that story, well, I have this bridge. . . .  In words of the street, he or she is a phony and undeserving of office themselves. They by their conduct are agreeing that women are indeed pigs; they cannot have it both ways. By their refusal to publicly condemn and un-endorse, they agree with what Trump is saying.

I say that such conduct (or misconduct by silence) is duplicitous and unacceptable. I am acquainted with the cognitive brain scientist George Lakoff’s findings on bi-conceptualism (the ability of the brain to harbor diametrically opposed sets of facts as truth at one and the same time), but that is not the case here. These people are plainly trying to save their own political futures while at the same time refusing to take responsibility for the monster they have created. They want it both ways and I say no way.

Let’s take another example (and there are many to choose from). In the final debate recently Trump effectively said that he disrespects both our Constitution and our democracy by saying that he will not respect the will of the American people if he determines that there are irregularities and voter fraud involved in the upcoming election. This would be a first since majority vote is one of the foundational legs of our democracy, and one may fairly ask who put him in charge of deciding to overturn the will of American voters. Where in law or in the Constitution can such an overturning right be found? There is no such provision, and as to voter fraud and as I have blogged before, a Loyola University study found 37 cases of voter fraud in one billion ballots cast, which gives the lie to Republican propaganda which would have the unwary believe that such is widespread and that elections are rigged. (Today, the day after the third and last debate, Trump has twittered that the debate was itself rigged!) What!

So if Republican office holders and candidates for office will not totally condemn Trump’s candidacy, then can we reasonably infer that they agree with Trump’s dictatorial rant that is destructive of our most important asset, our democracy? Are we going to let them say, “Oh, that’s just Donald,” or “I don’t’ agree with him,” and let it go at that? If elections are rigged, are Republican officeholders themselves the beneficiaries of such a criminal system of networks of fraud? Answers, please!

In summary, my point is that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and their fellow Republicans can’t have it both ways. They must either totally condemn Trump’s candidacy and publicly withdraw their support of this demented man who would be president or admit they agree with his divisive and irrational rant. We the voters deserve to know which side of the fence they are on in order to make our own choices and they have no right to deprive us of what they really believe. We, after all, sign their paychecks. They are our employees, not our rulers. So do they agree that women are pigs, Mexicans are rapists and murderers, that workers are already being paid too much etc., or don’t they? Yes or no? Answers, please.     GERALD      E


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