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October 24, 2016


I spend several months a year here in Naples, Florida, the county seat of Collier County. It is a staunchly Republican county by at least two to one, there are zero Democratic office holders anywhere in county government and, unsurprisingly, we have more golf courses per capita here than anywhere else in the country. There is serious money in the area, which is not unusual as measured by the number of retired CEOs we have here and second (or third or fourth) homes for Judge Judy, Larry Bird and other celebrities who are far from broke.

We Democrats know that we will be outvoted every election, so our job here is to reduce the margin of loss while hoping that our traditionally Democratic counties pull us through at state and national levels. This state has 29 electoral votes for president, and has just passed New York State in population to become third in the country behind California and Texas. When the next decennial count is made in 2020, this state will have thirty-something electoral votes to offer aspirants to the presidency. It is important that Democrats are awake here and elsewhere at the next decennial count for other reasons, unlike when we were asleep at the switch in 2010, in order to prevent Republican gerrymandering of legislative districts and other such mischief designed to weaken and suppress the vote of all the people.

The above is prologue. My reason for writing this is that Donald Trump came to our Collier County Fairgrounds and gave a speech early this evening, a speech that was broadcast by a local TV station. Though as with Bush I can hardly bear to even look at him, I listened to the entire speech, which partook of impossible claims of what he is going to do to make America great again and other claims he made bordering on incoherency. It would be impossible to do all the things he promised to do while simultaneously cutting taxes and somehow not raising our debt (about which he constantly complains), unless the rules of arithmetic are repealed. I am not impressed by wild promises of what any politician is going to do for voters unless accompanied with rational plans of how we are going to pay for it – and if we aren’t going to pay for it, an honest estimate of how much it will add to the deficit. All I heard from Trump were wild promises to do this and that unaccompanied by any enlightenment of how he is going to pay for them or what their additions to the deficit would be if he isn’t.

Trump’s plane landed over in Palm Beach on the other coast, and he took a helicopter on down to the fairgrounds here. It was a raucous crowd that greeted him and heard his speech, with women waving signs “Women for Trump” and others waving signs reading “Make America Great Again.” Why any woman of any political stripe would support a sexual predator and a man who repeatedly took the Fifth in a divorce trial when asked if he were ever guilty of adultery is beyond me.

His campaign attaches, lying as usual, estimated the crowd at 12,000; the TV people said it was nearer 3,000, and given the strong Republican base in this county and nearby Fort Myers, I would say that the relatively small number of people attending was the result of his failure to induce and attract a larger and  more enthusiastic crowd because his campaign is coming apart and he has nothing to offer other than rote Republican talking points and warmed over Fox inanities. With hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Republicans in the area he can only come up with 3,000 of them to come to hear him talk, even on a non-work day, i.e., Sunday? The next and obvious question is why such a poor showing. Why was the crowd so sparse?

It was sparse because he is simply loaded with so much baggage that he is not a credible candidate irrespective of his nomination as a Republican (if he is one). Given his manifest shortcomings and penchant for insult and putdown of anybody who disagrees with him, he has since his nomination found that a general election is not a primary election and that we Democrats will not be bullied by a tinhorn real estate promoter like him or anyone else.  His bullying of the Republican National Committee and his fellow primary candidates was played on a different stage. Perhaps the reason he did not draw a large crowd from this heavily Republican area today is that real Republicans have finally discovered that he is a member of another party, the PARTY OF ONE. His.

If I were a Republican, why would I go to hear any candidate for office who insults everybody, especially including even Republicans? I would be offended, and as hundreds of thousands of Republicans in the area showed today, he could count me among the missing at the fairgrounds or anywhere else. He likes to use the word “loser” to describe anyone he doesn’t like or who crosses his path. For a view of the biggest loser I know these days, he should look in the mirror.    GERALD     E





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