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November 2, 2016

    Shelia Kennedy is a professor at IUPUI in Indianapolis. She writes a blog most every day and asks for commentary. Today she laid out a number of Trump’s shortcomings and asked for commentary, taking no prisoners in the process. The following (as slightly edited) was my response, and I have converted such response to a blog of its own since this man is totally unfit to serve as president of this country by any standard of which I am aware.

    Sheila, you have laid it out in a nutshell. There has never been a fall candid.ate of any political party as unqualified for the office of the presidency as this real estate promoter who sells ignorance as virtue while selling hatred of women and minorities and while living high off you and me as taxpayers by paying nothing due to Republican-induced quirks in the internal revenue code. He makes McKinley, Buchanan and Nixon look good. At bottom, and though we have personalized this race a week from now, this election is not about Trump v. Clinton; it’s about whether we are to have what is left of our democracy and its institutions and values; whether we vote for mob rule by torchlight or reasoning together in representative fashion as in the agoras of Athens of long ago. Trump is in a perpetual rule or ruin mode whether the victims are women, immigrants, minorities, wives, bankers who loaned him money, workers and vendors who were stiffed by his bankruptcies, junk bond holders who financed his casinos etc. The list is long, and now he would have us add democracy to it. As I have often blogged, democracy is one of the last few things worth dying for, but let’s avail itself of its blessings at the polls and not in the streets. Let’s show up next Tuesday with a massive vote for democracy and sweep this obnoxious welfare recipient into the dustbin of history.

    I do not believe a Trump Administration and democracy can co-exist, so our choice is clear. We can’t have both. I spent some time in the South Pacific in WW II in the interests of democracy and against fascism, never dreaming that I would see the day when fascism was served up to America later FROM WITHIN as a political choice, but here it is all gussied up under the banner of “change.” Change may or may not be good for America. For instance, FDR and Hitler both came to power in 1933, but with very different agendas, and they certainly changed the world, one for the good and one for unimaginable evil.

    Let’s vote for democracy.     GERALD       E


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