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November 3, 2016


There was a time in our political history when Republicans running for office campaigned on platforms to go to Washington and represent the people who sent them there. That is not the case these days as Republicans go to Washington to throw a monkey wrench into government and not represent the people who sent them there, instead representing Big Money, who in a manner of speaking sent them there to represent (guess who?) Big Money. These politicians have become so brazen about it that they openly announce that they will not advise and consent on judicial nominations, intend to investigate Hillary after the election (even though she hasn’t been yet elected) etc. Their presidential candidate has suggested everything from assassination to revolution and other threats to our democracy in his campaign for office, and some of his assertions border on the seditious. Goodbye, Republican Party and welcome to Whigdom?

I like to think that such misconduct and disregard for the will of the people who sent them there could not be that of the “party of Lincoln,” who was a politician though an honorable one, but I’m beginning to wonder, and why? Well, it was the Republican Party in the last decennial count which gerrymandered the House of Representatives beyond recognition of any pretense that the House as constituted represents the will of the people (as the House Republicans now rule though in a minority when all votes for the House are counted). It was the Republican Party which allowed itself to be bullied by a rich real estate promoter into nomination to the highest office in the land, a man totally unqualified by reason of temperament and experience to succeed the Jeffersons, Madisons, Roosevelts and Lincolns in such high office. In short and in words of the street, he doesn’t know anything about anything, and doesn’t even understand what was written for him on the teleprompter he reads while recklessly accusing everybody of everything who are seen by him to be impediments in his narcissistic path to the Oval Office.

The Republican Party has been torn asunder by the machinations of this man, not that such party wasn’t in big trouble before this real estate promoter made the scene. In not representing the people who sent them to Washington, their reason for being has fragmented their party into disparate parts and their members are at one another’s political throats, a not uncommon occurrence among money changers (and their representatives). Republicans do not agree on much of anything even among themselves, and this is a recipe for failure as a party.

I have blogged for a long time that unless that party mends its ways it will go the way of its predecessor Whigs, from whose demise and ashes the Republican Party arose in 1854. The Republican Party is on the verge of going under whatever the results of the upcoming election, since the only reason to even have a political party is to harness those together who have a common governing philosophy, which hardly describes the Republican Party of today. We are finding that tea party Republicans and establishment Republicans detest one another as much or more than either of them detest their supposed foes, the Democrats. This is what happens when factions divide the spoils under the watchful eyes of Big Money rather than those of the people who elected them. The chickens (politically speaking) are coming home to roost, and they are big chickens who are going to run the foxes out of the hen house.

Republicans today have access to the same information that the rest of us have, but are refusing to face certain demographic realities. Their base is shrinking and the Democratic base is growing. Apparently Big Money will not allow that party to make the necessary changes and adjustments in its platform to appeal to millennials, women and minorities, which is clearly what the party must do if it is to survive the fate of the Whigs. Fights within the party do not help, and I sense that Big Money knows that the party it has chosen to maintain the status quo (and Big Money’s bottom lines aided by inane Supreme Court decisions) is about to enter Whigdom but that their myopic pursuit of profit precludes any preventive measures to save the party as they squeeze out that last penny of profit before the party’s final implosion and assignment to the dustbin of history (as with the Whigs). Their call. Perhaps Big Money is not going to buy our democracy after all. Let’s hope.    GERALD      E





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