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November 15, 2016

    I awakened this morning thinking about Baker v. Carr and statements from Obama and Hillary and others to the effect that “the voters have spoken.” True, they have, but the voters elected Hillary, not the Orange Oaf. She won the election but was counted out by a misallocation of the vote. It occurred to me that perhaps certain parts of the Constitution as interpreted by the courts may be themselves acting unconstitutionally from their real intent in view of Baker and that such applications of judicial interpretations could be (albeit unintentionally) destroying our democracy while we sit here powerless to quickly change certain features of this great document. The electoral college has to go, and the sooner the better. The Constitution was designed to foster democracy, not destroy it as old colonial days have been replaced by industrial and information economies, and we need to bring its language up to speed.
    Parenthetically, there is one last fleeting hope that Hillary can still be the president-elect. The Constitution does not require that members of the electoral college must vote as pledged during political campaigns. A majority of the college as assembled could vote for Hillary since it is their vote and not ours which elects presidents, so “the election” is not over – not yet. Impossible? Probably, but with many Republican members of the college who are not now and never have been friendly to the Orange Oaf’s ambitions, and especially now that he is inviting racists and neo-Nazis into his inner circle (which gives electoral participants a preview of things to come), it is a faint possibility as we grab at straws on the third time down. Perhaps we should identify such electoral participants and do our best to have them vote for the winner of the popular vote – Hillary – thus validating the finding in Baker v. Carr and the real intent of the Constitution.

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