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November 28, 2016

    Assuming our last faint hope of the recount or of massive elector default doesn’t give Hillary an electoral as well as popular vote advantage, then we are in for a rough four years. An internet professor who claims he has never missed picking a presidential winner has written that he picked Trump to win but now writes that he will be impeached, though the professor is vague on the reasons why.

    I think there is a good chance that he will be impeached and that the reason why is that making money is baked into his neurons and he will pretend or actually not be able to understand that the Oval Office in his perfect world is not just another opportunity to make money, an opportunity he will claim to have earned with his election and thus the “approval of the people.”
    I think he well understands the enormous influence the office has in the international marketplace and the possibility for personal self-enrichment that it provides and that he will show us how to be obstinate while he practices being president as a sideline designed to provide a mere springboard from which to make money, and that anybody who talks ethics or opposition to using one’s office for self-enrichment will be denounced (first by Twitter) as anti-business, socialist, or “it’s Hillary’s fault,” or Obama’s, or Schumer’s, or anybody’s but the guy at poolside admiring his visage, who is never wrong.
    Why such a conclusion? Well, he has already suggested that the details of governing are not his thing and that he will delegate that to Pence and his cabinet while he roams the globe “making America great again” (and perhaps picking up some choice land from that “strong leader” Putin on the Black Sea for a Trump hotel and golf course in exchange for who knows what).
    So could it get worse than this? Yes, and here’s why. Pence (unless Trump’s son in law Kushner takes over) will be the acting president while Trump is making America great again, and if Trump is driven out of office due to his narcissistic, Midas and other complexes, guess who (officially) becomes president? Michael Pence, the vice president, whose views come from the back of the cave and are consistently to the right of Attila the Hun. Thus to reiterate, and irrespective of whether Trump is impeached or not, it will be a rough four years, so buckle up!    GERALD       E



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