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November 29, 2016


Donald Trump, who now says there were millions of illegal votes cast in the last election, may have not only undermined the confidence of voters and the integrity of thousands of poll workers in the system but have also undermined the confidence in the count which gave himself the electoral majority. If what he says is true, or even partly so, then who is to say that some or all of such “illegal” votes were not cast for him? He is the one who in the past constantly harped that the then coming election was “rigged,” the reader will recall, and there is indeed some independent evidence that Russian hackers worked during the last weeks before the recent election to disparage Hillary’s campaign, not to mention the gratuitous and infamous contribution of FBI Chief Comey eleven days before Election Day, and we may soon know due to the recount currently in progress in a few states whether in fact there was tinkering with the voting machines or other forms of fraud employed to favor one candidate over the other. If so and if substantial and if favoring Trump, then it is not a stretch to assume that the polls favoring Hillary in the so-called “battleground states” were right or nearly so all along, that Trump in truth lost, that his election was therefore the result of fraud and cannot stand. If so, and though I know of no legal precedent for it, a court of equity may have jurisdiction to fashion a remedy, perhaps another election, one heavily monitored to assure an honest count.

If there is the wholesale fraud associated with the election count such as Trump alleges, then he should join in with the other candidates in the last election demanding that we have a recount in every state in order to reinstate public certainty that this election was not rigged. Further, if (per Trump) the election was rigged and there were fraudulent votes cast by the millions, then why did his opponent lose the electoral count? If rigged, a better argument could  be made on what evidence we have (especially in view of the polls) that it  was rigged in favor of Trump, who supposedly won the three “battleground states” by the slimmest of margins, but did he? Why am I even asking this question? It’s because Trump himself says there were millions of illegal votes cast in the last election, and this is AFTER the election, one in which he himself supposedly won by electoral count but one on which he now in effect concludes is in doubt!

Thin-skinned Trump has many problems, but one stands out: he shoots off his mouth before considering the consequences. This is not a good attribute for a president to have, for instance, in conversations about atomic secrets or the identities of our CIA agents and the like, where circumspection should be the order of the day in the interests of the country he represents rather than some uncontrollable juvenile compulsion to spout off to demonstrate his superior station and power to make history. He is constantly making allegations that are without factual basis, also known as lying, and when he has done this repeatedly over time, eventually no one will believe anything he says, thus mimicking the underlying principle of the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The boy cried wolf so often when there wasn’t any that when a real wolf came along and he cried Wolf! no one came to his aid.

So do we believe Trump when he says that there were millions of illegal votes cast in the last election? I don’t, but if we are to take him at his word, then let’s have a recount of every state within the time limit prescribed by statute or a reelection, or even both, depending upon what the recount shows.  The American people are entitled to know that the election was conducted fairly and that the count was accurate. If (as he says) that was not the case, then let’s correct such failure, thus chasing this metaphorical wolf from the door and saving this narcissistic motor mouth from himself.     GERALD        E

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  1. Well said as usual. He has no filter in his head. Scary indeed.

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