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December 2, 2016


Who do we have who can investigate the FBI? Who is investigating the Russian hacking interference in the recent presidential election? Why were the polls so wrong? We know that Trump lost the popular vote badly and perhaps but for Comey and Putin he lost the electoral vote as well and, if so, he is an illegitimate president.

We cannot reward fraud lest that become the modus operandi in political contests, as money since Citizens United now threatens to be. Somewhere in the world of fraud and money the vote of the people becomes a joke as democracy disappears, and when that happens (if it hasn’t already), anyone who is presumably “elected” could well have been chosen by criminal means. If that turns out to be the case in the presidential election just concluded, are we going to let that happen and just sit here, watching our democracy that was bought with the blood of patriots go down the drain? Is that how we honor their sacrifice – with a whimper?

I think it entirely probable that the early votes in states the week before the election are what gave Trump the thin edge which (electorally) put him over the top, and that the reason was that FBI Chief Comey came out with a thoroughly mysterious statement that new information on Hillary’s alleged misuse of classified information had become available and then took a week to say there was nothing to it, a week in which perhaps millions of voters voted while under the impression that there was or might be “something to it.” Comey, of course, should be subjected to a withering congressional investigation while under oath for such a breach of protocol on the eve of the election, but with Republicans in charge of all committees in both Houses, don’t hold your breath.

Europeans have been undergoing Russian hacking attacks for years and have complained about it to the Kremlin where it has been ignored, and we have demonstrably been under Russian hacking attacks as well. Our investigators report that Russians hacked into our election by disparaging Hillary’s campaign under the table, thus boosting their chances of seeing Trump elected, a candidate who has said he admires the strong leadership of Putin and who has business ties to Russian money and their oligarchs. As with Comey, if you are waiting for a congressional investigation that would subject Trump or any member of his family (especially Kushman, who has talked of a connection of Trump’s business with Russian money) to interrogation under oath, don’t hold your breath so long as Republicans control all congressional committees. It is noteworthy in this connection that Trump and Putin had telephone conversations both before and after the election, from which you can draw your own conclusions.

I am not a conspiracy theorist and have left that to tea party Republicans and the likes of Trumpites who see a Crooked Hillary behind every bush, but I choose to believe that there is something rotten in the State of Denmark surrounding this just concluded election. I believe there is something sinister in the strange machinations of an FBI chief in coming up with what he did at such a critical juncture right  before the election and then, after the damage had been done, say that he found nothing to change his previous finding that there was nothing. I think there is also something sinister in the wholesale hacking of Russians into our domestic election process. Did they want a Putin-admiring patsy in the Oval Office?

Perhaps we should begin our investigation by counting the votes in early voting battleground states the week before the election and looking for patterns of lost votes for Hillary compared to historical norms in such states and then proceed to look at other means of ascertaining what happened in that week, and all because something smells and we should find the source of the odor and deal with it, pending which I for one regard Trump’s election as illegitimate.

With the stench of fraud all over the place both from within and without, he will not be my president until the odor surrounding this election is identified and dealt with in on top of the table fashion.     GERALD       E


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