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December 9, 2016


THEN: “I will tear up those terrible trade treaties and bring those good-paying jobs back to America.”

NOW: “I have just appointed Andrew Puzder to be my Secretary of Labor. Andrew doesn’t believe in a minimum wage.” HUH? I thought you said good-paying jobs, Donald. How does appointment of a fast foods cheap labor-loving executive to the important post of Secretary of Labor advance the cause of “good-paying middle class jobs” you talked about? Did you lie? Are you playing us like a drum? Con?

Apparently neither Donald nor Andrew cares about good-paying jobs ALREADY in America, so maybe those jobs overseas should stay where they are rather than get on the wage inequality bandwagon back here and risk a wage cut upon their return to America.

Who needs more slave wage regimes with an ostensible goal of full employment? There was full employment among the slave population in the South before the Civil War, too, and that didn’t turn out well for North or South. So, speaking of labor, how about Carrier’s retention of some of the jobs that were headed to Mexico due to the good efforts of Pence and Trump, you may ask? That PR ploy was played out by bribing Carrier to keep some of the help in Indianapolis at a price of $7 million dollars paid by Hoosier taxpayers, hardly a victory in my book, but rather designed to divert our attention and soften up opposition to Trump’s appointments of Wall Street billionaires and other rich ideologues from around the country and which was accomplished with other peoples’ money in all events, something those two are good at while making policy by tweet and PR on the run. At the rate Trump is going with his appointments of oligarchs and ideologues there will be more foxes than chickens in the henhouse.

Trump’s appointment of Puzder could have been worse, I suppose. He could have named Bush’s old Secretary of Labor as his own but didn’t. He instead named her his Secretary of Transportation. Her thin qualifications for the post include being the daughter of a rich Chinese oligarch and the wife of Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader. Yes, the plot thickens politically as well as financially, both in disgusting fashion, and it is becoming clear as day that Trump’s stump appeal to working people and putdowns of Wall Street bankers and assorted oligarchs amount to nothing than a colossal lie. Evidence?

I have been following Trump’s appointments of heads of various agencies and other important posts (such as the chief economist on his panel of economic advisers – a Goldman Sachs executive straight out of Wall Street who will be joining another Goldman Sachs executive who has been appointed Secretary of the Treasury) along with gung-ho generals and right wing ideologues such as his appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Betsy, a religious billionaire and lifelong foe of public education, will now be the chief fox in the education henhouse and her tenure is guaranteed to wreak havoc within and without this important agency as charter and religious schools’ financing will be favored over that of public schools and federal curriculum guidelines will begin to look like church bulletins where every day resembles Sunday School in what is left of public schools.

Trump repeatedly denounced Wall Street and our dumb trade treaties when reaching out to the poor and unemployed in the battleground states, and they bought his lies. Now we see billionaires and Wall Street moguls and gung ho generals and narrow-minded ideologues by the gross appointed to his administration, and especially those from Wall Street banks and even hedge fund managers, the lowest vultures of the low even for Wall Street, where capitalists of all shades meet to what?  Plot and plan with the man from the Trump Tower for higher wages, a downer to their bottom lines? Let’s get real; we’ve been had, and the Rust Belt just got rustier.     GERALD      EPuz


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