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December 12, 2016


In view of the fast-breaking news of today that Russia helped Trump get elected and in view of Senator Reid’s public statement of today that such help and FBI head Coomey’s announcement of further investigation of Hillary’s emails (or those of her assistant) cost Democrats both the Senate and the presidency, it is time to point out that, if true, Trump is an illegitimate president, and perhaps worse, we may have well outsourced our foreign policy to the tender dictates of Putin, who annexed the Crimea.

How so? Here’s how so. Trump has called the CIA’s reports on Russia’s help “ridiculous” and hasn’t bothered to listen to such oral and written daily briefings our intelligence people provide to presidents and presidents-elect more than a couple of times. He says he doesn’t read them because he is “smart.” I suggest that he is not interested in taking a stand against Russia because Putin already has him cornered.

Consider this – that all Putin has to do is to come out publicly and say Russia did help Trump with their hacking and feeding of Wikileaks, but he won’t, so long as Trump does his bidding. Even if what Putin could say is a lie, it wouldn’t matter. Trump would be impeached in the blink of an eye and find out how it feels to be on the other end of a lie for a change.

So will Putin come out with such an admission that Russia helped whether true or false? No, and why should he? He is now in the enviable position of having Trump behind the 8-ball for the foreseeable future and subject to Putin’s views on foreign policy, NATO etc.  Presumably the threat Putin thus has is to do his bidding or suffer an outing, as in phone call from Putin to Trump in which Putin says, “Look, comrade, I’m getting ready to annex the Ukraine, like I did Crimea. Cover me with your congress and tweets to your people or I’ll squeal.”

It may be that the reason (other than investments in Russia and loans from Russian banks) that Trump is so friendly with Putin – and we would know more if Trump showed his tax returns) is that he (Trump) has already been compromised and knows he has to walk the straight and narrow or be outed, thrown out of office, and prosecuted for sedition and/or treason; hence his putdown of CIA reports and stated admiration of Putin as “a strong leader.”

Right wing conspiracy nut thinking? I hope it’s as simple as that, but Russian hackers and Coomey at work in the last week or so of the run up to the election did (we now know) puncture Hillary’s growing momentum and probably explain both her electoral loss (if she lost) and that of a Democratic majority in the Senate.

It’s not only millions of our jobs that have been outsourced to Mexico and China and elsewhere. It may well be that we have outsourced our foreign policy as well. Time will (eventually) tell, if we are around to tell it.    GERALD      E



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