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December 21, 2016


Both Reagan and Trump can be fairly said to be breathtakingly ignorant of American history in general and constitutional history in particular as candidates for president. With Reagan it was somewhat understandable; he was a graduate of Eureka College (Illinois) with a degree in physical education. One would think that Trump with his degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania would have a better understanding of history than he has demonstrated to date, but one would be disappointed, perhaps because he was a “legacy graduate” whose degree was ”purchased” by his rich father via gifts to the university’s endowment fund, as were those of George Bush II with his Harvard degrees.

As it turns out, Reagan was better suited to be president than Trump because he did at least have some executive “government experience” as governor of California prior to becoming president whereas Trump has had zero experience in government, though Trump’s PR propagandists have framed such a glaring deficiency as a positive with their “It will be good to have a businessman in charge of government.” Yeah, right, and Herbert Hoover was a businessman, too, and in charge of government, but had no answers for the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed.

Trump has problems in even understanding the questions asked of him, cloaking his ignorance by going off on some diversionary tangent to avoid answering questions when asked, questions such as “What are you going to do about the high dollar that is wrecking our export industries” or “What are you going to do about wage inequality, which is badly suppressing demand while stifling economic growth of our economy?” I don’t think he has a clue because the answers depend upon an understanding that government is designed to serve the people and not to make a profit, a concept alien to his lifetime mindset and experience, so he changes the subject with his diversionary tactics, providing no answers.

As I have repeatedly blogged, businessmen are attuned to making a profit and government is not designed to make a profit but rather exists to deliver services to citizens. I don’t think that Trump, a living example of capitalism at its worst in his myopic drive for profit, will be able to live with the difference and shift gears with a new understanding that the president’s job is to serve and not make profits. A leopard cannot change its spots, nor can an apostle of greed become suddenly un-greedy and dedicated to solution of other peoples’ problems. It simply doesn’t fit into his narcissistic world of me-me-me to which he is plainly captive. In plain terms, he is accustomed to being served, not to serve, and due to his innate narcissism cannot, I think, learn how to serve.

Finally, I don’t think Trump is even a Republican, either of a tea party or establishment variety. Insofar as his true political thinking can be known, I think his more nearly resembles those of the libertarian superrich such as the Kochs and the big banks who will move left or right or even in a nihilist direction if there is a buck to be made, which is the mark of those dedicated to exploitation of rather than service to citizens. Thus Trump in truth represents the Second Gilded Age which is upon us with its libertarian greed and pelf while pretending concern on the stump for “bringing good jobs back to America, making America great again” and other meaningless chatter designed to get out the vote.

Unfortunately, it worked, and to say that we the people have been hoodwinked by a toxic admixture of gutter politics, Citizens United funding and the influence of Putin and Comey would be putting it mildly. We have been politically raped and our democracy is in peril as a result. What to do? Keep a close watch on the upcoming administration’s antics, resist its bullying, ignore its propaganda and exercise our First Amendment rights to speech, press and peaceful assembly without fear or favor.    GERALD      E






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  1. billy1926 permalink

    Liked it! Good one!
    As in your 3rd, though not yet sworn in and not president, he’s dragging in all of “the family” to do all the work while he plays “Blow-hard-in-Chief,” intending to become “The Greatest Ruler the World Has Ever Seen!” (Words like president, king, monarch, chancellor, etc., are of no account in his mind or in his intent.) Has George Washington, or perhaps FDR (for length), seen their end for the country’s most admired/worshiped reign? Hhmmm!

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