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December 22, 2016


Sheila Kennedy, professor at IUPUI in Indianapolis, wrote in her blog today that Michael Gerson, Republican speechwriter for George Bush, Jr., was not happy with Trump and was not convinced that those who have taken over the Republican Party are conservatives or that Trump is up to the job or even moral. The professor asked for commentary, and here as slightly edited, was mine.

Gerson is right. As I frequently blog, Trump is neither a Republican nor is he a Democrat as I understand their evolving political philosophies, though he has claimed to be both at points in time. I think he is afflicted with a narcissistic mindset that cannot tolerate criticism as demonstrated by his frequent use of the twitter to defend himself the morning after. He also employs braggadocio and insult to insulate himself from criticism by projecting his shortcomings on those who criticize him, but braggadocio and insult are not policy, and groping of women could not be defended by Narcissus himself, whether at the pool or elsewhere.

Of course, everyone lives in his or her own world to some extent, but Trump’s world and ours are poles apart and I, for one, refuse to live in his concept of reality, especially since he is attempting to impose his world on the rest of us with his bullying and bragging and pretense. I think America is or should be more – far more – than a marketplace for the rich to get richer and the rest of us exploited like ATM machines with Trump and his fellow billionaires our bankers.

I saw and heard him yesterday on TV telling us that the Berlin massacre was “terrible, terrible,” and he was right about that. What he wasn’t right about was what he had to say afterwards; something to the effect (in defending his idea of a Muslim registry) that, “See. I was right, a hundred percent right.” His narcissism apparently kicked in so that even with the massacre the important thing to note (from his disturbed mindset) was that he was right. It is clear that he will use every such atrocity in the future wherever committed as justification for the formation of such a registry and other dictatorial tactics, using fear as his tool.

It was a blue-eyed blond haired American Catholic veteran who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City some years ago, killing far more people than were killed in Berlin, so shall we have a Catholic registry? How about a Baptist registry? Lutheran? A veteran registry, or finally, an American registry? This man, unless deterred by Democrats and Republicans alike in defense of our democracy, seems headed for another “registry” game played by another man hatched in, of all places, Berlin, a man named Hitler, and if that doesn’t put us in the streets in the defense of our democracy, nothing will.     GERALD      E

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  1. Dee permalink

    Absolutely right – and until we impress upon all that he is the biggest loser in history, having lost the popular vote while winning the Electoral College, the majority will feel the tyranny of the minority.

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