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December 23, 2016


This is yet another of my responses to a blog seeking commentary by Sheila Kennedy, professor at IUPUI, Indianapolis, in which she posits that those who voted for Trump are no longer amenable to facts or words but are more likely to respond to painted pictures, citing Gandhi who says that ultimately public pressure will lead to appropriate political responses by our politicians. My response, as slightly edited, follows.

I agree with all Sheila has written today, especially the idea of painting pictures for those who voted for Trump since they don’t readily respond to written and spoken words unless such words agree with their preconceived views of the issue in question. I think, however, that we should not abandon the written word for those we may still be able to peel off from the Trump minority and especially for those who think as we do but may be ready to throw in the towel and let this rank amateur have his way with his machete rather than a scalpel to destroy decades of carefully constructed and delicate diplomatic understandings with China, Russia and other countries who do not have our best interests at heart. We have placed the scalpel in the hands not of a brain surgeon but of a real estate developer and are going to have to live with the catastrophic results, as even brain surgeons must on occasion with all their expertise (of which Trump has none).

Already the nuclear swords have started rattling with Putin’s takeover of Crimea, his intervention in the Ukraine and his threatened deployment of nuclear weapons near our NATO allies’ borders – and all while we are at the same time having to live with a president-elect who tweets about his hurt feelings and his admiration for what a “strong leader” Putin is while ignoring our intelligence reports or disagreeing with what is contained in such reports. Thanks, Don; encourage the dictator, and heck, who needs intelligence reports when, as you said, you know more than all the admirals and generals? It’s a waste of your time, time you and your billionaire staff (including one fascist) could be using in privatizing America lock stock and barrel with your delivery of America to the tender mercies of Wall Street.

Gandhi (and by extension Sheila) are right; we have to focus public opinion on this real estate promoter who bullied and insulted his way into the job of chief executive of the United States, watch him like a hawk, and call him to account for every decision he makes or even says he will make since, after all, he is going to be making decisions for us and in our name. Unlike his me-me-me narcissistic view of everything, this is more like an us-us-us situation since we bear both the financial and peace and war decisions he makes for us and in our name. This is not about him in his narcissistic world; it’s about us in the real world.

If you want to trade in conspiracy theory, you can see something more sinister in Trump’s conduct. Perhaps there is a method to his madness. Perhaps he wants to stoke an environment of fear (as Bush and Cheney did) so that he can ride in from the west on his white horse (a la Sir Walter Scott’s idylls) and save us from extinction, and it may work (since a populace is more easily manipulated when living under a cloud of fear and looking for a savior).
I for one reject any such intimidation or manipulation by fear. It may have worked with Hitler’s stoking of fear of Jews and communists in order to obscure his dictatorial tactics and Bush and Cheney’s lies about WMDs, but history (and Shelia and Gandhi) tell us that an informed and energetic public can greatly affect political decisions, so I conclude that it is not just Democrats and some Republicans we have elected to resist some, most or all of Trump’s plans to privatize America. Rather it is the duty of all of us as citizens as well to resist his plan to add inc. to USA if what is left of our democracy is to survive – so let’s persevere in resisting this minority president who lost by nearly three million votes and has no mandate to do anything, despite his lying chatter to the contrary. Let’s agitate for him to do what the majority wants done, which is one of the underpinnings of democracy, not what he wants done as a minority representative of losers. Let’s try majority rule for a change.    GERALD       E


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  1. Niel Johnson permalink

    No question, we must be on our guard and maintain as much damage prevention and control as possible.  During the campaign many of us viewed a Trump administration as likely to be a disaster waiting to happen.  For the sake of all of us,and the world too, we must do what we can to avert such a disaster.  Already, he appears to believe that an arms race and brinkmanship, in a nuclear world, promote peace instead of edging the world closer to a catastrophe. And when he identifies Patton and MacArthur as his favorite generals, he shows his ignorance by not knowing the danger that Patton posed in his threat to turn militarily against the Soviet Union at the end of WWII and MacArthur’s threat to get America into war with China in 1951.          Niel


  2. It seems that facts don’t matter to Trump, either, if they are not congruent with his narcissistic outlook on life. I am not even sure that he knows how to deal with facts given his argument that his intelligence people are wrong about this or that in their analyses. You are right; we are going to have to watch this guy with great care if we are to minimize the damage he is sure to inflict not only on us but the world. GES

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