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January 5, 2017


I have always prided myself in rejecting conspiracy theories right or left, but lately my candidates have been losing to right wing nut jobs who peddle Lock Her Up and Crooked Hillary mantras to the unwashed masses. I therefore will break my tradition with a conspiracy theory of my own: that the reason Trump puts down and denigrates the output of his own intelligence services is that he and Putin were actively and knowingly complicit in feeding the Wikipedia through daily putdowns of Hillary that had no basis in fact, that Trump has to put down his own intelligence services because they may discover this on their own and land him in prison on several different grounds ranging from treason under the Constitution to the anti-sedition act to the Logan Act etc. Proof? I have the same amount of proof Trump had in trashing Hillary’s candidacy – none – but proof (I am now led to believe) is unnecessary these days, so Lock Him Up!

I published the foregoing paragraph in response to a blog seeking commentary today, a blog lamenting the use of fake news, lies and surmise in place of facts as a basis for political choice. As a lawyer I have spent my working career in seeking truth in the support of justice through presentation of admissible evidence, not always an easy task when the court has the power to exclude evidence under well-established rules. It is therefore especially painful for me to join the ranks of Trump and Fox News (who had and have no judges to exclude their baseless chatter in using opinion and hearsay and surmise not to mention deliberate lies and misrepresentation) in order to make my point, i.e., that Hillary was cheated out of the presidency by such tactics (aided by Comey’s last-minute assistance) and that Trump is an illegitimate president as a result, a minority president who “won” by fraud, an individual who is  displaying neurotic if not psychotic symptoms by continuing to this day to pretend he won by a landslide when he lost by almost three million votes.

I observe that even dictators cannot reverse the rules of arithmetic and that he won the geography due to a constitutional quirk but lost the popular vote – it wasn’t even close. I also observe that counties and states don’t vote; people do. He is in truth a big time loser and his protestations to the contrary lead one to wonder about his mental balance, as in, how far do we go in appeasing this man’s bending of reality to suit his preconceived view of what the electoral result should be with his psychotic chatter of a landslide victory? Where are the media’s call for his psychoanalysis rather than let him get by with this?

The greater problem we have in evaluating his conduct of bending reality to suit his narcissistic preconceptions in the immediate future is how he may respond to fact–based diplomatic efforts, Wall Street excesses, public health problems, the environment etc., policy solutions to which could be catastrophic when based on anything but objective fact and not one’s opinion on how to juggle the facts to suit preconceptions. Guesswork to suit preconception in the formation of policy can be dangerous and even deadly.

We hear on every hand about what a dangerous world we live in these days. It just become more dangerous with the “election” of this real estate promoter who is woefully inexperienced and mentally incapable of responding to fact if such does not fit his narcissistic view of what such facts should be.

Perhaps I have been too harsh to coin the mantra of Lock Him Up. Perhaps a better and more humane solution would be to have him spend some time in a quiet asylum somewhere in order to bring him back into the world the rest of us are living in and go from there. Perhaps.     GERALD        E

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