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January 7, 2017


I wrote my first conspiracy blog a few days ago and enjoyed the freedom one has in coming to conclusions from a fact- and proof-free excursion into guesswork journalism. Why should only right wingers have all the fun? Freed from such constraints, it turned out to be so much fun that I as a liberal and supposedly above such juvenile meanderings with the written word have decided to write another conspiracy post. My rationale for this free-from-facts effort is that sometimes logic can substitute for proof and, properly employed, may uncover truth.

Given that background for the following where I offer logic rather than proof, here is my thesis: It is that it doesn’t matter whether Trump is in bed with Putin and Russian oligarchs and banks or not. Putin can lie and say that he is, and Trump is headed for prison, and if that isn’t a proven recipe for blackmail, I don’t know what is. It follows from that that our foreign policy will (via the blackmailed Trump) be much more Putin-approved than that based on our experiences in foreign affairs of the last 70 odd years through the Cold War, NATO, the Cuban missile crisis etc.

Further logic in lieu of proof: If Trump is in fact blackmailed and at the mercy of Putin, then that would logically explain why Trump so vehemently puts down the efforts of our domestic intelligence resources in their “political witch hunts” in favor of Putin’s denial of election hacking as unprovable, and his meeting with our intelligence leaders today did not cover that possibility very well with Trump’s grudging acceptance of the demonstrable fact that Putin did in fact hack into our electoral process.

Putin, for his part, won’t squeal on Trump just yet. He has too much to lose by carrying out his threat; holding the threat over Trump’s head for the next four or possibly eight years is a much better investment, and the appointment of Tillerson (Exxon-Mobil‘s CEO) as our Secretary of State-designate, who happens to be an old friend of Putin, seals the deal. Putin has done business with Tillerson before and has even bestowed a “Friend of Russia” medal on him, so the stage for the silent coup of America is set.

Perhaps some of these days soon the three of them can play a round of golf at a newly-built Trump resort on the Black Sea, Russia’s playground, one of many such business ventures Trump will have engineered while sitting in the Oval Office, and talk oil and politics, while our democracy evaporates into the mists of history. Perhaps blackmail or money or future investment opportunities in oil and/or resorts have nothing to do with real and objective reality in my geopolitical guesswork – or everything. It would not be our first exposure to treachery, though perhaps the last as the demise of our democracy leaves us no good reason to continue as a nation state. Elections really do matter, as we are about to find out.    GERALD        E


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  1. Yes, please spend the next four years gaslighting yourselves with a dumb conspiracy theory!

  2. billy1926 permalink

    This is what I listened to as I read your blog.

    They don’t mtch up too well! Billy

  3. billy1926 permalink

    Did it work?

  4. billy1926 permalink


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