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January 11, 2017


I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. My degrees are a B.A. in economics as a major, political science as a minor, and I hold a J.D. as a law school graduate. That’s it. I hold no honorary degrees nor do I hold any further earned degrees.  I therefore profess no special knowledge in matters north of the neck, having no education or experience in matters specific to the brain.

On the other hand, I have read books on cognitive brain science, especially those of the brilliant cognitive brain scientist George Lakoff as the brain relates to political experience, and do have a smattering of understanding of how if not why the brain operates as it does. Lakoff’s book, The Political Mind, is a book I keep handy; I can see it now from where I sit here at my work station. It is my secular bible on matters of mind and I often refer to it when trying to distinguish subterfuge from reality.

The foregoing is prologue, so let’s get to the meat of this essay. I think it is about time someone pointed out that two and two are four, not five, and that there are certain rules of arithmetic and other mathematical systems that have invariable application irrespective of the identity of those who would skew their meaning to their own advantage, whether such advantage involves making a sale, gaining political advantage or whatever.

Specifically, I keep hearing Trump boast of his “landslide victory” over Hillary when in truth and in the real world he is the biggest loser an elected president has ever been. He lost and lost badly to the tune of almost 3 million votes which, parenthetically and for the sake of perspective, is about the same as the total population of the colonies during Revolutionary times. He is constantly in campaign mode with his bragging of how badly he beat Hillary when in truth and fact he was slaughtered by popular vote count, “winning” only because of a Constitutional quirk which was designed to preserve a certain equity of vote counting based on geography (even though geography, so far, is not entitled to the vote).

His constant reiterations of how badly he beat Hillary when he was beaten by an historic margin makes me wonder what part of his brain is or is not working. I am also wondering why he is not called out for such baseless assertions every time he makes one, like, where is the media? His followers seem not to be interested in fact as distinguished from fancy and from all appearances seem to agree with his recurring departures from reality as though what he keeps saying is somehow true, or to be ignored.

What he is saying in this connection is not true, and my concern goes beyond his obvious inability to accept the mathematics of what we used to call addition given his narcissism. I worry much more about the people who apparently accept such falsehood at face value, like what is their problem? Are they mesmerized to such a point that they too can deny the reality of objective mathematical evidence? Is his rejection of reality contagious? Are all or even some of the decisions he will be making on behalf of the rest of us to be based upon a new template of imagination rather than on an objective basis?

Since it seems the media is giving Trump a pass on his sick assertions about how he overwhelmingly won this last election when he in truth and fact lost the popular vote in historic proportion, and since his mesmerized followers either believe him or don’t care what he says or does, I think it is time for us in the real world to tell it like it is. He lost; badly, and nothing is changed by his assertions to the contrary to conform that reality with the world in which he lives. Two and two are still four and Hillary won by almost 3 million votes, so let’s call him out every time he tries to pull this Orwellian stunt. What you are selling in your dream world, Don, is an embarrassment to reason, so give it a rest, will you?  Thanks.     GERALD       E


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