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January 18, 2017


Trump is ot the first but the noisiest man ever to be elected president; there were Tyler, Reagan, Bush and others who were similarly clueless. “Silent” Cal Coolidge was Trump’s antithesis; he had nothing to say about anything, which produced Dorothy Thompson’s famous reply to the news that “the president (Cal) is dead,” to wit: “How can they tell?”

It is clear to me that Trump has appointed very rich people to his cabinet based on the baseless theory that they will do good jobs because they either made or inherited (like himself) lots of money or, alternatively, will do his manipulative bidding down the road, and most likely both. Such appointments to the narcissistic mind are mere extensions of self, and giving power and influence to a narcissist(which we are about to do) is the equivalent of throwing gasoline on the fire on a windy day.

Trump will defend his billionaire choices who are opposed to the missions of the agencies they will head with the argument that he is draining the swamp and shaking up Washington. Wrong. There is a difference between draining the swamp and destroying it, as he and the rest of us will find when raw corporate capitalism without rule, regulation or other public controls totally takes over every democratic institution we have so laboriously concocted since 1789.

That understanding of the impending loss in totality of our democracy is what put me in the MLK parade yesterday and in the Women’s Rights March this Saturday. Jefferson, Adams and Madison gave us their vision of democracy and now it is time to for us to do whatever is necessary not only to preserve but expand such a precious gift. As I have written before, To Arms! The ruffians are at the gate – the rich ruffians!


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  1. Today, a friend (teaches English at my alma mater, UMKC) asked me, while we were standing in line for our coffee at the local Starbucks, if I was going to “tune in or tune out” for Trump’s inauguration. I hesitated. I’m told her finally that I really didn’t want to anymore than wanting to see blood and guts when driving slowly by a train wreck. She quipped, “But we, WE, are on the train!”

    She is, of course, right. Indeed, in re-reading McCullough’s fine book on John Adams (my current bedtime reading), it truly is beyond belief that the 6 to 7 generations before us who shed blood and guts for so many causes of justice, freedom, human rights, etc, have culminated in seeing Donald Trump ascend to arguably the most powerful office in the world. Orwell could not have dreamed this up!

    Already, weeks ahead of his taking office, he has demonstrated just how childish he is, not that we needed more evidence. He is engineering this fragile train of the democratic experiment. Scary indeed.

    I keep telling myself (and others, parishioners or otherwise) that we must not stop what we have always been doing, regardless of who is in the White House. We must continue, separately and together, to keep the flame and voice of Justice, right and wrong, alive. We must do everything we can each day to do the things that need to be done to help those in need in our midst. There is, obviously, plenty to do.

    It means to do what you often do Gerry, SHOW UP! We are in deep trouble when barely half of all people vote!!! We, the people, desperately need to take responsibility and accountability for being citizens. The only way people govern us is because we allow them to! We have allowed the likes of Trump because far too many abdicated their responsibility. I hope the present dark cloud will reveal the proverbial silver lining…..but WE have to make it happen. Wishing it so, hoping it will be so, will not get it done. Thanks, as always, for your strong voice and activism.- Brad

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