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January 22, 2017


Yesterday I walked a total of some three miles in this Florida heat in the Women’s March for Justice. There were about 2,500 marchers here in Naples per the local press, mostly women but with a healthy sprinkling of men and children. We carried signs for and in support of various institutions now at risk with the election of a disturbed person to the presidency; we also carried signs against certain views and public proposals and initiatives of this disturbed person with his narcissistic mindset in the hope that democracy, battered as it is, can somehow survive both corporate socialism and impending fascism suggested by Trump’s stated admiration of the dictator Putin as “a strong leader.” Worthy of emulation?

I made up and carried a sign for the parade that read: “D.T. My wife and my mother were not pigs!!!” I was asked to pose along with my “sign” by over 100 people and some said it was the best of the parade, but that is not the reason I am setting forth this context. I am not into the self-congratulatory world of the narcissist; I am rather pointing out the response to such a message to confirm (without statistical proof given the small and probably biased sample) that there are millions of people who are properly concerned with the loss of our democracy when a demeaning motor mouth at the helm spouts out whatever is on his mind in re gender, class, color etc., all without any apparent concern for the dignity and rights of the particular group affected or its impact on the larger society or even the world.

Who elected this man to defame America and Americans? This man was elected due to a constitutional quirk of geography over voter count.  He lost by millions of votes far beyond the mere 2.8 million votes more for Hillary than for himself. With her margin we must add the millions of votes for third party candidates who voted against him, which means that he is a decidedly minority president without any hint of mandate contrary to his claim of the greatest victory ever. On the contrary, he is the greatest loser ever. No president has ever been elected with such a huge number of no votes.

One of the bedrock principles of the democratic process is that the majority rules. It certainly has not been applied here, where the elected president lost by millions and millions of votes. We are being governed by a president elected by a small minority of the voting pool. That, among several other reasons, is why his presidency is founded on illegitimate grounds as we the governed are governed by the minority. He is not my president; he lost by legitimate count and the rules of arithmetic. He should leave his propaganda and imaginary arithmetic at home. We can count. But for the electoral college artifact, a quirk that needs fixing and sooner rather than later, he is an immense loser.
However, much more is involved today than who won the last election. Presidents come and go, but we have a country and the democratic principles upon which it rests to defend, a public investment of much greater long term value than who won or lost an election, and if the rights and dignity of citizens are denied as we descend into some form of dictatorship while losing our democracy, then there is no good reason to even have a “country” since we will have lost the cohesion that binds us together both economic and social via corporate takeover and redefinition of every facet of what formerly bound us together. In words of the street, we will have “come apart at the seams.”

All of the great civilizations in history have fallen, most from internal discord, and it appears that we may be set to join them as elements of our society vie for power and money while ignoring the wants and needs of the rest of us with their pontificating propaganda about meritocracy and other idle and discredited claims to an economic history that never existed. We still have a choice, though waning. We can fight for democracy or we can surrender, thus sealing our fate as serfs and ATM machines for the rich and corporate class in a sort of government by corporate fascism, whose murky outlines are difficult to see and understand at this point in time, though sure to come.

The outcome of the recent election has accelerated this process of debilitation given Trump’s participation with others of the rich and corporate class in the destruction of our democratic institutions. Witness the appointment of his anti-democratic billionaires to his cabinet, all dedicated to the corporate takeover of America at the enormous cost to the rest of us as our democracy goes down the drain and we assume our respective medieval roles in service to the rich as in days of old, our economic and political rights as well as our human dignity a thing of the past as the corporate takeover of America and its institutions becomes complete – my greatest fear.

To reiterate as I have written in many posts, our democracy is our most important national asset and is one of the last few things worth dying for, as many of our bloodied patriots did in its defense in years gone by, so let’s resist those relatively few of the superrich among us who with the help of their congressional toadies would remove our precious democracy from us in their myopic quest and lust for power and money, who rule by minority aided by non-stop propaganda. Let’s march every day if need be in defense of our respect and integrity as citizens and hope for freedom in the future for us and ours.     GERALD      E


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