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January 30, 2017


Donald J. Trump is known to be a proven liar, and while that proclivity to prevaricate is dismissed by his hard core supporters who are only interested in the high-paying jobs he is going to bring back from China and making America great again, the rest of us both in this country and every other country consider this trait to be toxic in that it makes anything he says suspect. He probably tells the truth on occasion but lies so much that we have to fact-check his every utterance. I have personally heard this man say one thing and then contradict what he said a minute later and then later deny that he said anything about the topic at all. Though not a shrink, that sounds like pathological disturbance to me.

However, I think such is not lying per se and not necessarily indicative of his narcissistic defect; it is rather an exercise in manufacturing a world of fact as he wants it to be rather than the one it is into a delusionary world of his own, a new world based on alternative facts via the myopic use of the illogical – a process that would appall Aristotle. The problem other than his continuous lying is that such a world does not exist, never did and never will. He must perform in our world, a world not free from falsehood to be sure, but not one in which lying and/or manufacture of alternative facts are routine.

Given that background, let’s consider his statement that the presidential order he signed on keeping Muslims from out of the country had nothing to do with (you guessed it!) keeping Muslims out of the country. Huh? He says it is to keep terrorists out of the country, playing his national security card to beat the heat of thousands of protestors at airports all across the country. He is either lying or constructing his own alternative universe in which his narcissistic impulse remains unimpaired, or both, but the order makes no sense since those excluded have been vetted for years. Some are even green card holders. Apparently in his world he has been elected God and therefore doesn’t need the counsel and debate from the Congress in governing, which he does with Kellyannes and Bannons and tweets, sure signs of an impending fascistic mindset (if such a mindset hasn’t taken hold already). The man is delusional – and president – an extremely dangerous combination and not to mention that in his official capacity he has possession of the nuclear codes, the right to declare martial law etc.

So where is Republican leadership in this? Have they sold their souls to party as opposed to doing their duties as Americans? Are the Republicans in cahoots with the Kochs and a demented president in carrying out the latters’  goals of a total takeover of America, and if so, are those relationships in seeking power and glory for the moment more important in the grand scheme of things than saving their country and our democracy? In short and however disguised by those claiming to “love their country,” are Republicans more beholden to party than to being American citizens with all the rights and obligations such citizenship implies with our democratic safeguards against the tyranny of government?

If our democracy is now to be redefined by those who have no loyalty to its premises, where do Republicans stand – with their party or with their country? Are they going to be the “good Germans” who remained quiet and subservient to Hitler’s ascendency to power, or are they going to march to Bunker Hill and defend our country’s democracy from all comers – including those in their own party – and whether the “comers” include King George or the fascists of WW II or the fascists of today who are gaining a foothold in Washington, D.C. under cover of safety of its citizens and by playing their national security card and other tactics reminiscent of those employed by Hitler in assuming his role as dictator in the 1930s? Don’t Republicans know that they will be cast into serfdom along with the rest of us when the chief commissar grabs power and no political parties can exist?  I urge Republicans to protect THEIR and OUR democracy by first being loyal Americans who speak up, then Republicans.      GERALD      E


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