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February 3, 2017


Trump lost the election by more votes than any previous president who lost the popular vote but was elected anyway by an electoral college that did not reflect the will of the people.  Not only did 2.8 million more voters vote for Hillary than for Trump; millions more voted against him in favor of Third Party candidates. With several millions voters who voted against him he still brags about his landslide victory in the most inopportune venues, like when on the phone with foreign leaders, at prayer breakfasts and anywhere else where there is a captive crowd. I am beginning to think it is not the people in this country who are still in shock that he won the electoral count; I think he is still in shock.

Even though technically elected, he only represents a scant minority of those who voted and therefore has no mandate to do anything since he was defeated by a landslide in the popular vote and was “elected” (so to speak) by geography rather than by voter preference. One of the bedrock principles of democracy is that the majority rules; that is far from the case here where a decided minority rules the roost. We should therefore not be surprised that the result has netted marches and demonstrations across America with this inexperienced and bullying narcissist at the helm aided by a fascist adviser who is playing Trump like a drum in order to nurture his own views in formation of policy. Majorities don’t like to be ruled by minorities in a democracy, especially huge majorities.

As soon as the afterglow of victory wanes with Trump’s supporters, I would not be surprised to see some of them join the majority in the marches and protests against his governing by executive order and tweet, ignoring a Congress which is controlled by his own party. He apparently is going to go as far as his party and the courts will allow him to go, so I predict that even some of his backers will in time join the protests. They voted for change, not chaos.

ISuch backers will become disillusioned with his billionaire cabinet who are unlikely to “bring good-paying jobs back from overseas,” especially since a panel of economists has decided that of the 100 percent of the jobs that were lost, only 13 percent of them were lost to low-wage overseas venues  while 87 percent were lost to automation. The big majority of jobs were not lost; they evaporated as robots continued and are continuing to supplant human labor. Even Chinese factories are beginning to automate because, as one Chinese industrialist complained, “labor costs are getting too high.”

Trump has yelled at and even hung up on a phone call with the Australian prime minister just recently, drawing the ire of both Democrats and Republicans who know that Australia has been our staunchest ally for a long time. I can personally attest to just what a staunch ally they have been from my WW-II experiences in New Guinea, which was under Australian administrative control during that war. They fought and died for their country, and ours, while Trump later dodged the draft with multiple deferments due to bad feet, which didn’t seem to affect his tennis game.

I find it especially galling that Trump would insult the Australian prime minister while at the same time complimenting the murderous dictator Putin as “a strong leader.” Hitler was “a strong leader,” too. Shall we compliment his memory for his contributions to world peace and prosperity, Mr. Trump? Why am I even asking this question but for his obviously sick criteria in deciding that annexation of Crimea is O.K., that assassinations are fine, that invasion of the Ukraine is all right, that we may need to invade Mexico etc.  You were elected president, not God, Mr. Trump, Have you lost it, or did you ever have it?

Change for its own sake is not always good. It depends upon just what is changed and if it is for the better. We are not getting change from this minority president; we are getting chaos, and an invasion of Mexico he suggested recently is beyond reasonable explanation.  We need law and order he has championed all right, but we had better start with cleaning out the Oval Office before we stumble into a war and a deep recession with his reckless banter and narcissistic delusion – and soon!     GERALD       E








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